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Clearpond Crystal Lagoon Pond Clarifier 500ml

Clears Murky Water Quickly

Clearpond Crystal Lagoon clears pond or aquarium water very quickly to create a crystal clear environment for your fish. It is a flocculant which causes particles to clump together and sink to the bottom of the pond where they can be picked up by the pump and sent to your filter and filtered out. Best used in conjunction with a filter.

  • 500ml bottle treats 5000L
  • Clears murky pond water rapidly
  • Flocculant that causes sediment particles floating in your pond water to clump together and sink to the bottom 
  • Filter can then remove the larger particles with ease
  • Suitable for ponds, water features or aquariums
  • Harmless to fish, wildlife and aquatic plants when used at correct dosage
  • Can help remove dead algae, dirt and other sediment
  • Works well in conjunction with a sludge remover such as Sludge Buster or Pondzyme

Aussie's Observations about Clearpond Crystal Lagoon Pond Clarifier 500ml

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Quickly clearing suspended particles from your pond. Works best when a filter is also in use.

What we liked:

Clears your pond quickly, great if you need to get your garden pond into shape for a party!

Less than ideal:

For green water or algae try Green Away or Blanket Weed Algaway