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Feature Clean

NOT suitable for use with Fish or Plants

Clearpond Feature Clean is used to control algae, both green water and string algae or blanketweed, and bio-fouling in water features. It is not suitable to be used in ponds with fish, frogs, aquatic plants or other wildlife. It is very effective for controlling algae in ornamental feature ponds.

  • Kills all algae, microscopic green water algae and also string algae/blanketweed
  • Not to be used with fish or aquatic plants, ornamental features only
  • Remove slime from fountains
  • Reduces staining
  • Very effective
  • Available in 500ml or 2 Litre bottles
  • Use 10ml per 40L of pond water
  • Ensure pond pumps are running during treatment
  • Kills algae in your feature without damaging your pond pumps in the way that chlorine will

Aussie's Observations about  Feature Clean

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Killing algae and other bio material in ornamental water features. MUST NOT BE USED WITH FISH.

What we liked:

Highly effective at killing organice material without doing damage to your pond pump, unlike chlorine which is very harmful to pond pumps.

Less than ideal:

Can't use with fish. Try Algaefix if you have fish.

Try Interpet Feature Clear

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