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Clearpond Pond Start 500ml

Tap Water Conditioner (Removes Chlorine)

Clearpond Pondstart removes chlorine and chloramines for the establishment of new ponds and aquariums and when doing water changes.


  • Quickly removes chlorine and chloramines from tap water
  • Detoxifies heavy metals such as zinc and copper
  • Helps to protect the natural slime coatings of fish
  • 500ml bottle treats 5000L of pond water
  • PondStart is an advanced water conditioner for use in all freshwater ponds 
  • Prepares new pond water for fish with life supporting active micro-organisms
  • Rapidly conditions tap water by removing chlorine and chloramine making water safe for fish
  • Contains colloids to supplement the natural protective slime coating of fish and protect against infection
  • Perfect for water changes or new ponds

Aussie's Observations about Clearpond Pond Start 500ml

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Adding to your pond when topping up with mains, filling new ponds from mains or doing a water change.

What we liked:

Removes many toxins while aiding the protective coating on your fish.

Less than ideal:

Nothing at all.


Instructions - Use 10ml per 100 litres of pond water. Add required dosage to the pond before adding tap water when setting up a pond. For use when doing water changes mix with pond water in a clean container free of herbicides and pesticides. Sprinkle mixture over the surface of the pond. Fish may be introduced immediately after filling pond. Use when setting up a pond or when doing water changes.

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