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Clearpond Pondclean 500ml

For suspended algae (green water)

Clearpond Pondclean is a broad anti-algae treatment that is effective against both green water and string algae or blanketweed.

  • Safe for use with fish, plants and aquatic wildlife when used in the correct dosage. Do not overdose. 
  • Must be used in a pond with good circulation and a running pump as killing a lot of algae at once will consume much of the oxygen in the water which is a very bad idea in a stagnant pond and can harm your fish
  • Good broad treatment that works against all different types of algae however it may not be as effective as some targeted treatments such as Blagdon Blanket Weed Algaway, Pond Balance or Green Away if you know what kind of algae you have in your pond
  • Can be used to treat or prevent algae
  • Remove bulk of algae with a net or scoop or by hand before use if possible
  • 500ml treats 12,500L
  • Good to use in conjunction with a sludge remover which helps to break down the dead algae. Try Sludge Buster or Pondzyme

Using algae treatments can be very effective at clearing algae, however they generally do not treat the underlying causes of algae. Some of the main causes of algae in ponds are:

  • Undersized filtration system - your filter and pump are too small for your pond. Click here for information on sizing up the correct filter and pump for your pond.
  • Not enough flow -  you are not moving enough water around your pond or not running your pump all tht time. More flow = less algae/more oxygen and fish generally love it.
  • Too much flow through your filter/uv lamp - if water moves too quickly past your uv lamp it doesn't have time to kill the algae properly.
  • Too many fish for the size of the pond - too many fish in a small pond leaves a lot of organic waste
  • Not running your pump/filter 24/7 - for pond filters to work properly they MUST be running 24/7. There is no way around this.
  • No Ultra Violet Clarifier on your filtration setup - UV lamps can be extremely effective at keeping water from turning green.
  • Pond Green Water Algae Help
  • Pond String Algae or Blanket Weed Help

Aussie's Observations about Clearpond Pondclean 500ml

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Tackling algae in small to large ponds, both green water and string algae.

What we liked:

Broad range algaecide which hits all kinds of algae.

Less than ideal:

Not as targeted as Blanket Weed Algaway or Green Away.

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