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Creative Pumps Cable Float Level Switches

Automatic Pump Control Switches

Cable Float Level Switches have a wide variety of applications. They are used to tell a pump when to turn on or off based on the level of the water in an area. They can be used to protect a pump from running dry, to keep a tank full or to keep a sump or pit empty. Our float level switches are available with bare wires on the end, for wiring up by an electrician or into a pump control box, or with a piggy back plug in normal (tank emptying) or reverse (tank filling) configurations. You can then simply plug your 240v pump into the piggy back plug.

Piggyback float switch shown above (includes plug)

  • Available in different lengths from 5m to 20m
  • Available as a bare wire option for wiring up by an electrician
  • Available as a piggy back plug for self installation in either tank/pit emptying (normally wired) or tank filling (reverse wired) configuration
  • May be supplied as either a round or square float switch, this makes no difference to operation (Supplier stocks decide this)
  • Can also be tethered to the side of the pit or to your pipework for maximum adjustability

Aussie's Observations about Creative Pumps Cable Float Level Switches

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

For connecting to pumps that required automatic activation or dry run protection.

What we liked:

A float switch is a great way to automatically turn any appliance such as a pump, on and off as the float rises or falls with the water level. Very reliable.

Less than ideal:

It is easy to get confused about the tank emptying and tank filling (normal and reverse wired). Please call us for clarification if you need help. For small pits it's best to use a little giant level switch, as you need enough room for the float to swing up and down without getting caught on anything with a cable float switch.

From $39

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