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Creative Pumps Female Threaded Poly Nut & Tails

Suits Pond Hose & Other Hoses

A loose spinning female BSP threaded nut on one end with a barbed hose tail on the other for connection to rubbed pond hose or other hose types. Often held in place with a stainless steel hose clamp.

Hose Size

Female BSP thread
12.5mm 3/4"
12.5mm 1"
20mm 3/4"
20mm 1"
25mm 1"
32mm 1 1/4"
38mm 1 1/2"
50mm 2"


Hose conversion chart
3/8" = 10mm,  1/2" = 12.5mm,   3/4" = 20mm,   1" = 25mm, 
11/4" = 32mm,   11/2" = 38mm**     2" = 50mm   **often called 40mm

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