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Creative Pumps Fountain Nozzle Stand

Stand for fountain nozzles

This stand will ensure fountain nozzles stand up straight, when not attached to a pump. There was nothing on the market so we have made one up using a variety of plumbing parts. You can use multiple stands to set up multiple fountains from the one pump or even use on the return of a pressure filter in some instances to create a fountain. Great if your pump must go on one edge of a pond for easy access or to reach your power source and you want your fountain on the other side or in the middle.

1/2" Fountain Stand Kit

  • Suites Eden, Tornado AHYN03, any 1/2" Oase nozzles or any nozzle with a male 1/2" BSP thread 
  • Inlet hose tail and clamp for 13 mm hose provided

 3/4" Fountain Stand Kit

  • Suites Tornado AHYN04 or any nozzle with a male 3/4" BSP thread
  • Inlet hose tail and clamp for 20 mm hose provided

1" Fountain Stand Kit 

  • Suites Tornado AHYN05, any 1" Oase nozzle or any nozzle with a male 1" BSP thread
  • Inlet hose tail and clamp for 25 mm hose provided

*** Fountain stands do not include an upright riser. Some fountain nozzles come with this and some do not. You may need to also use a riser to lift your nozzle up above the water level depending on your nozzle and depth of pond. 

Aussie's Observations about Creative Pumps Fountain Nozzle Stand

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Placing a fountain in a pond in a separate position to your pond pump connected by a hose.

What we liked:

Can use multiple stands to hold multiple fountain nozzles running from one pump.

Less than ideal:

Nothing whatsoever! Great for it's purpose.

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