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Creative Pumps In-pond Biological Tray Filter

Tray Filter

Two different grades of Biomatt filter are used to ensure that blockages are reduced. The unique design of the tray guarantees an even distribution of water is drawn through the Biomatt, thus enabling the filter to be both mechanically and biologically efficient. Bio Spheres make up the third layer and are a key factor of a healthy biological environment. (best results if run 24/7).


  • Capable of biologically filtering up to a 2500 Litre pond.
  • Two different Biomatt filter grades are used in each filter.
  • Strong durable U.V. stabilised plastic tray.
  • Barbed fitting for 25mm hose
  • Size: 32 cm long, 26 cm wide, 12 cm deep
  • Maximum flow 4000 L/H
  • Needs rocks to weight this unit down otherwise it can float!

Aussie's Observations about Creative Pumps In-pond Biological Tray Filter

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Any small pond. This is a simple filter that connects to the inlet of your pump.

What we liked:

Very easy to install, effective and inexpensive.

Less than ideal:

You have to take it right out of the pond the clean the sponges. An external filter would be easier to clean.

Product not available

Technical Specifications

Product Name Creative Pumps In-pond Biological Tray Filter
Filter TypeTray
Ideal Flowlitres per hour3000
Min Flowlitres per hour2000
Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hour4000
DimensionsL x W x H (mm)32 x 26 x 12 cm