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Creative Pumps Poly Threaded Reducing Bush

Male x Female BSP

Used to reduce the size of an exiting female BSP thread for connection to a smaller male thread, or to increase the size of an existing male thread for connection to a female thread.

Sizes Available

Male 3/4"  x Female 1/2"

Male 1" x  Female 1/2"

Male 1" x  Female 3/4"

Male 1 1/4"  x Female 3/4"

Male 1 1/4"  x Female 1"

Male 1 1/2"  x Female 3/4"

Male 1 1/2" x Female 1"

Male 1 1/2" x  Female 1 1/4"

Male 2" x Female 1"

Male 2" x Female 1 1/4"

Male 2" x Female 1 1/2"

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