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Creative Pumps Pond Trough 130 x 38 x 31cm

Great for Waterwalls or Spillways

These pre-formed plastic pond troughs are rectangular in shape and are ideal for the base of a water feature with a spillway or waterwall up above.

  • Outside Dimensions (to outer lip at top) - L x W x  H - 131 x 38 x 31cm 
  • Inner Dimensions - L x W x  H - 125 x 31 x 30cm
  • Dimensions can vary slightly from batch to batch
  • 105L Capacity
  • Black in colour - ideal for reducing algae growth
  • Suitable for projecting water features up to 120cm above water level and cascading water features up to 120cm above the water level. Not sure what this means ? Check our glossary of terms.
  • Can be shipped Australia wide or picked up from our store. Select your purchasing option on the right hand side. 
  • If you are setting up a projecting water feature, please check it does not project too far. Some spillways project up to 300mm from the wall and may overshoot your pond base. The Tornado Stainless Steel Multi Function Spillway projects approximately 75mm and is ideal for these kinds of troughs. It can also be used for a cascading/wall washing water feature.

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