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Creative Pumps Water release kits with barbed fittings

For adjusting flow on a pond pump

Water release kits are generally installed in situations where you are pumping up to a filter or waterfall and the pump is supplying too much flow. The water release kit is a tee piece and a valve which is installed on the outlet line of the pump, usually in the pond, and allows the user to divert some of the water from the pump straight back into the pond so that it doesn't travel up the pipe to the filter or water feature. This is much better than just putting a valve in line which pushes back on the pump and can cause it to wear faster. A pressure release kit also aids in pond circulation. Most larger pond pumps do not have in built flow control so this is the perfect solution.


hose size

Release hose 

Valve type Hose barb
WR 20x20-B 20mm 20mm Barb end 20mm
WR 25x20-B 25mm 20mm Barb end


WR 32x25-B 32mm 25mm Barb end 32mm


Components: Barbed tee, barbed valve (tap), 4 x hose clamps, 100 mm hose to go between tee and valve

From $23

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