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Hansen Barbed Through Wall Fitting STFB

Barbed outlet for pond or tank

Female outlet or inlet fitting (with no thread on the female end, only a rounded hole) the other end is a male thread and hose tail. 2 large rubber washers to create a waterproof seal when clamped together. Ideal for hundreds of applications including Ponds, bait wells, bulkheads, walls etc

Side View

showing rounded hole


Suitable Hose I.D.

Part No.
15mm ~ 1/2" 15 15mm STF 15B
20mm ~ 3/4" 20


25mm ~ 1" 25 25mm STF 25B
32mm ~ 1 1/4" 32 32mm STF 32B

40mm ~ 1 1/2"

40 38mm STF 40B
50mm ~ 2" 50 50mm STF 50B

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