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Hansen Barbed Through Wall Transition Kits

Sealed connection with hose barbs to take pipe through a pond wall

These kits contain all of the fittings you need to take pipe from your submersed pond pump through the wall of your pond to connect to a filter or feature.

This fitting creates a sealed exit from a pond through a wall. It has a threaded tube with a nut and washer at each end to seal up against the wall of your pond. A hose barb at each end is included to connect to the pipework. They are designed for use underwater or above ground and can be used on walls up to 370mm and hose up to 50mm.


Size of hose that suits  supplied barbs in kit

Maximum wall thickness



50mm 230mm
20mm ~ 3/4"



25mm ~ 1" 25mm $25
32mm ~ 1 1/4" 32mm $44
40mm ~ 1 1/2" 38mm $54
50mm ~ 2" 50mm $76

From $20

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Hose attachment ideas

Above is a Hansen fitting of the SFTFT arrangement shown at the very top of this page, it requires a male hose tail and a female hose tail to complete the hose connection, see below for links to hose tails.
If threaded tube is used for thicker walls, female threaded fittings are required at both ends.
male and female hose tails     threaded tees      Threaded elbows etc

Also see ... Oase Tradux or Pondmax Tank and Cable gland connector through pond fitting for electrical cables or water