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Hansen Threaded Through Wall Transition Kits

Sealed connection to create threaded inlet/outlet in pond wall

Threaded tube with 2 rubber washers and 2 nuts to create a waterproof seal when clamped together. Ideal for concrete block, cast concrete or any other thick wall. Suits walls up to 230mm thick. These kits contain all of the fittings you need to make a threaded, watertight connection which passes through the wall of your pond allowing you to connect pipework to it.


Thread length

  Maximum wall thickness
20mm ~ 3/4" $13.70
25mm ~ 1" $18.70
32mm ~ 1 1/4" $28.00
40mm ~ 1 1/2" $32.60
50mm ~ 2" $42.40


Approx BSP to metric thread equivalent 
3/4" = 20mm      1" = 25mm        1 1/4" =  32mm     1 1/2" = 40mm       2" = 50mm

From $13.70