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Hydor Ario Aquarium Aerators

Hydor's Ario range of submersible aquarium aerators sits in the bottom of your tank and pumps air from outside the tank via a small tube and the creates a beautiful bubbly display while adding essential oxygen to your aquarium water. Available with or without LED lights in various colours.

  • Compact - fits in most tanks
  • Helps to keep fish healthy and improve water quality
  • Adds oxygen to water and helps with circulation
  • Bubbly display looks great
  • Color models available with Blue, Red or Green to create a tower of colourful bubbles in your tank
  • Low power usage, quiet operation
  • High quality Italian made products 

Aussie's Observations about  Ario Aquarium Aerators

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Aquariums which need some extra aeration or circulation or if you want to make a great bubble display inside your tank

Looks fantastic and is highly effective

Not suitable for soil tanks or very small gravel - best with larger gravel as it can block the pump

Product Price
Hydor Ario 4 Aquarium Aerator - No Light Aerator for tanks up to 300L
Hydor Ario 2 Aquarium Aerator - No Light Aerator for tanks up to 100L
Hydor Ario 1 Aquarium Aerator - No Light Aerator for tanks up to 50L

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