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Hydor Hydor SELTZ L Series Pumps

Hydor Italy make a range of high quality small pumps, perfect for aquariums, small water features or tabletop fountains. These compact pumps can fit into small spaces and run for years without issue. Quiet to operate, Low power usages. L20, L30, L40.

  • Reliable design with proven technology
  • High quality Italian made pump
  • Very compact in size, can fit into tight spaces and operate with low water levels
  • Ideal for aquariums and small water features
  • Very quiet
  • Low power usage
  • Several sizes available
  • 240v
  • 2 Year warranty
  • 10 metre power cables

Aussie's Observations about  Hydor SELTZ L Series Pumps

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Aquariums, Small water features, tabletop features, tight spaces

The best small pump on the market. Very small models available, great for tight spaces, aquariums or small water features. Operates in very low water levels.

Nothing at all, these are top of the range for pumps this size.

Product Price Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMax Head HeightmetresMax Flow L/Minutelitres per minDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Power UsagewattsPower SupplyvoltsWarrantyBSP Thread on Inlet (suction)BSP Thread on Outlet (delivery)Dry Installation (In-Line)Flow Adjustment on PumpHose Tail(s) provided with pumpMade InMax Coarse Debris SizemilimetresOptional Foam Block FilterPower Cord LengthmetresRated for 24/7 Continuous UseRemovable Pre-FilterSuitable for salt waterShaft MaterialThermal Overload ShutoffVortex Impeller for SolidsWeight
Hydor Seltz L20 Pond Feature pump Hydor Seltz series pumps
Not available
7001.3511.6100 x 50 x 85142302 years13 mm13 mmYesYes*
When used with Foam filter
2 x 13 mmItalyYes10YesYesYes*
Marine Aquarium suitable
Stainless steelYes1.2 KG
Hydor Seltz L30 Pond Feature Pump Hydor Seltz L30 Pond Feature Pump
$99.00 $154.00 Not available
1,2001.9520135 x 70 x 100272302 Years13 mm13 mmYesYes2 x 13 mmITALYYes10YesYesYes*
Marine Aquariums approved
Stainless steelYes1.4 KG
Hydor Seltz L40 Pond Feature Pump Hydor Seltz L40 pond feature and aquarium pump
$195.00 Not available
2,8002.346.655230219 mm19 mmYesYes2 x 19 mmITALYYes10YesYesYes*
Saltwater Marine Aquariums
Stainless steelYes2.0

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