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Laguna Power Vac Pond Vacuum

Garden Hose Operated, for Small Ponds

The Laguna Powervac Pond Vacuum Cleaner is a very simple 'venturi' style pond vacuum. Venturi means that it connects to your garden hose and as water from your hose goes past the nozzle and into your pond, it creates a suction which pulls organic debris through the vacuum nozzle and deposits into the mesh waste bag. There are several other types of low cost venturi pond vacuums on the market but we do not stock any others as they generally perform poorly. The Laguna Powervac is the exception to this.

  • No electricity required, works with an 'venturi' action when connected to your garden hose
  • Suitable for small ponds
  • Recommended for ponds with flat surfaces - struggles with a pebbls bottom
  • Can not suck string algae off of the side of ponds or suck up whole leaves
  • Great for quickly removing sediment from small ponds and very easy to set up and use
  • Works much better than similar venturi style pond vacuums in our opinion

Aussie's Observations about Laguna Power Vac Pond Vacuum

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Small ponds with flat surfaces. Great for shallower ponds as well.

What we liked:

Easy to use and works well for this style of pond vacuum. A popular seller with many happy customers.

Less than ideal:

Not as powerful as powered vacuums. If you need to remove string algae or if you need to vacuum up fallen leaves from nearbye trees, go for a larger, powered vacuum such as the Ubbink Vaccupro or the Oase Pondovac


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