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Laguna Pressure-Flo Pressure Filters

The Laguna Pressure-flo range is our most popular selling pressure filter. The right Laguna pump and filter, correctly sized for you pond, will keep your pond water crystal clear for many years.

Pressure filters are installed outside of the pond and can be buried up to the lid so they can be integrated into your landscape. Because it is a pressurised system, you can then run the return pipe from the filter up into a waterfall or spillway to create a beautiful water feature while keeping your pond clean at the same time.

The backflush system and integrated filter sponge cleaning handles make it a breeze to clean out and really helps to cut down on maintanence.

  • Three functions - Biological, Mechanical & UV-C
  • UVC keeps water crystal clear and from turning green by killing microsopic floating algae
  • Biological filtration component creates an environment that good bacteria can grow to reduce ammonia and other toxins in your pond
  • Mechanical filtration (sponges) removes sediment and dead organic matter from
  • Backflush sytem with handles to scrape and clean sponges whilst flushing
  • 3 year warranty
  • Full range of spare parts available - click here
  • Note this is not a pump, only a filter and must be matched with an appropriate sized filter pump that sits in the pond (see diagram below).
  • Cleaning indicator on top of filter so that you know when it is getting full
  • Made in Italy
  • Replacement Bio-media available (site in the bottom of some models) - click Here
  • Simple Laguna Pond Kits are available including pump, matching filter, hose and fittings - click here

Aussie's Observations about  Pressure-Flo Pressure Filters

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Any pond where filtered water is required. In particular when water is to be pumped to a higher level such as a waterfall or feature. 

The solid Italian construction. The high wattage of the UV lamps. The clear water guarantee. The cleaning indicator pops up when the filter is in need of cleaning. Every model has a back wash system that is very easy to use.  UV lamp “on” indicator.  Great value for money.

Pressure filters in general are not ideal for Koi or Turtles, the better option would be a gravity filter, However, if a waterfall is in use with a single pump for both filtering and the waterfall, a pressure filter may be the only option, other than using 2 pumps.

Product Price Filter TypeIdeal Flowlitres per hourMin Flowlitres per hourMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourPond Max Vol (No Fish)litresPond Max Vol (With Fish)litresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Back Wash SystemUVC FittedUltra violet lamp fitted as standardWarranty YearsCleaning IndicatorCanister Above GroundIf canister buried, how much shows above ground?Foam FiltersBio BallsFor micro-organism growthPower Cord LengthHose Tails SuppliedHose Tails OptionalMax Pump Pressure
Laguna Pressure Flo 14000 Pressure Filter Pressure Filter
Pressure510030006000370 x 640 mmYes*
Single switch with pump handles
24 watts3 yrsYes140mm5Yes5m32mm38mm4m
Laguna Pressure Flo 10000 Pressure Filter Pressure Filter
Pressure340020004000370 x 530 mmYes*
Single switch with pump handles
18 watts3 yrsYes140mmYesYes5m32mm38mm*
Optional 38mm hose tail if required
Laguna Pressure Flo 6000 Pressure Filter Pressure Filter
Pressure215012502500250 x 510 mmYes*
Single switch with pump handles
11 watts3 yrsYes140mmYesYes5m25 or 32mm-4m
Laguna Pressure flo 3000 Pressure Filter Pressure Filter
Pressure1,1006251,100250 x 280yes11 watt3 yrsyes140 mmYesno5m25mm38mm4m

Filter Selection

To choose the ideal filter for any pond you must first know the correct environmental flow to maintain ideal water quality for your pond. (Please remember that the pond size alone does not determine the filter or pump size without first taking into account the many environmental and physical factors).

3 ways to get help to establish flow

  1. Fill in one of our e-mail help forms and let us do all the calculations for you
  2. Give us a call 1800 607 388 for our advice
  3. Do it yourself and use our quick reference flow calculator for rough estimate.

Step One: Establish the required flow through the filter keeping in mind waterfall** height if any, or long hose**
Step Two: Choose a filter from the chart below (Example if your pond requires a flow through the filter of 3,400 litres per hour, the Pressure Flo 10000 would give the best result)
Step Three: Choose a pump, they are listed below in order of quality and suitability


Suitable Pumps



3000 6000 10000 14000
Most suitable pumps
Assuming a waterfall is not over 500mm high or the correct size hose is not longer than 3m

Laguna Maxflo 2200## Oase Aquamax Eco 2500

Laguna Maxflo 4000
 Oase Aquamax Eco 2500

Laguna Maxflo 4000

Oase Aquamax Eco 3500

Laguna Maxflo 5000
Oase Aquamax Eco 5500

What makes a pump that is specifically designed for sending water to a filter (such as the pumps above) superior to a multi purpose pump such as Pondmate
1) The cage design is turtle shell shaped to attract solids from 360 degrees
2) These pumps are designed to run 24/7 year after year
3) They have a vortex impeller capable of handling solids without blocking

Other workable pumps   Laguna Maxflo 5000## Laguna Maxflo 5000## Laguna Maxflo 7500##

**Special note, if using a waterfall or a long hose between pump and filter the pump will need to be larger to allow for the reduced flow caused by the head (pumping height, and/or hose length)   If in doubt Fill in one of our e-mail help forms and let us do all the calculations for you.
# A little under size for some pond sizes, but would work if the pond were smaller than the filters maximum volume rating.
##This pump is a little too strong, unless a waterfall over 1m is in place. However, you can never have too much pond flow, so, by releasing water back into the pond through a "Tee" and flow valve added circulation is provided for the pond.


Recommended Flow Rates

  3000 6000 10000 14000
Minimum Flow 625 1,250 2,000 3,000
Ideal Flow - See hint 4 below 1,100 2,150 3,400 5,100
Maximum Flow - See hint 4 1,250 2,500 4,000 6,000


Aussie's additional tips

Tip 1:  When calculating flow, always allow about a 15% flow loss when a pressure filter is used.
Tip 2:  Place the pump at the opposite end of the pond to the water return, and in the deepest part of the pond.
Tip 3:  Blagdon Interpet offer a powder to prime filter systems, a great way to hasten biological activity. Tornado Biostim Liquid.
Tip 4:  Within reason the slower the water passes over the UV lamp and through the filter the better the result. However, you can never have too much pond flow, so, by having a slightly oversize pump and releasing water directly back into the pond or on to a feature or waterfall through a "Tee" with a valve (tap), added circulation is provided for the pond.
Tip 5:  Pump - maximum pumping head. The pump supplying the filter must not have a pumping head exceeding 4m (0.4 bar)  Head over 4m could damage the filter and could even burst the container. On the other hand a pump with inadequate head may not provide enough flow through the filter 
In a nut shell ....The height difference between the filter lid and a pressure free outlet must not exceed 4metres (0.4 bar). So if the filter was mounted 1m above the pond surface, the pump must not have a maximum pumping height in excess of 5m. Or if mounted 2m above the surface of the pond, the pump must not have a maximum pumping height in excess of 6m. 
There is however another factor in head calculations if long hose lengths are used, see "Friction loss in hose" under How to calculate your friction loss if your hose will be more than 3m.


Filter Pond Size Chart

Pond size selection




No fish* Pond size - litres 3,000 6,000 10,000 14,000
Some fish** Pond size - litres




Medium fish*** Pond size - litres


2,000 3,500 5,000
Lots fish **** Pond size - litres 700 1,250 2,000 3,000
Koi/Turtles***** Pond size - litres 500 1,000 1,600 2,400


*No fish - Near natural garden ponds in shade, at least 70cm deep with plant zones, without fish.
**Some fish - Near natural garden pond with plants and fish stock of 40cm per 1,000 litres 
***Medium fish - Near natural garden pond with plants and fish stock of up to 60cm per 1,000 litres
****Lots fish - Near natural garden pond with plants and fish stock of up to 80cm per 1,000 litres
***** Koi and Turtles - Pressure filters are not ideal for Koi or turtles due to the extreme amount of waste they create and have trouble processing the waste due to their design , therefore, gravity filters are better suited. 
However, due to their size and fact that gravity filters must be mounted at the top of a waterfall or above pond level, there may be no other choice. In this case use a pressure filter but we suggest that the pump and filter be a little oversize maintain water quality.
For Australian conditions... The above figures have been adjusted by us for Australian conditions, please do not be confused by anyone else's calculations that may be for the European market as they are different because of our climate