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Oase Filtral Pump-Filter-UVC

The Oase Filtral performs 3 functions in one. They have an in built pump that circulates water through an inbuilt filter and UVC system then out through a fountain nozzle. They are compact and easy to install and when in the right size pond, will keep the water crystal clear with minimal maintenance. The Oase Filtral also comes with a choice of 3 fountain nozzles and a side outlet to run up to a statue fountain or small waterfall if it's not too high.

Aussie's Observations about  Filtral Pump-Filter-UVC

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Small - Medium ponds with or without fish. Great for formal ponds or areas where is it hard to hide an external filter outside of the pond.

Very easy to install and effective. Will keep your pond clean and clear. Great value for money and high build quality from Oase. 3 options for fountain nozzles.

Not ideal for Koi, Turtles or heavy fish stocking. Cannot hold as much waste as say a gravity filter.

Product Price Filter TypeIdeal Flowlitres per hourMin Flowlitres per hourMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourPond Max Vol (No Fish)litresPond Max Vol (With Fish)litresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Back Wash SystemUVC FittedUltra violet lamp fitted as standardWarranty YearsCleaning IndicatorCanister Above GroundIf canister buried, how much shows above ground?Foam FiltersBio BallsFor micro-organism growthPower Cord LengthHose Tails SuppliedHose Tails OptionalMax Pump Pressure
Oase Oase Filtral 6000 3 in 1 pond filter Pump/Filter/UVC All In One Combo Unit
In Pond1,7006,0003,000347 x 276 x 157*
Without Fountain attached
11 Watts2*
No warranty on Impeller
1 Bue, 1 RedYes10 metres13, 19 & 25 mm
Oase Oase Filtral 1500 3 in 1 Pond Filter Pump/Filter/UVC All In One Combo Unit
In Pond5601,500700207 x 228 x 1305 Watts2*
No warranty on impeller
1 Blue, 1 RedYes10 metres13 mm
Oase Oase Filtral 3000 3 in 1 pond filter Pump/Filter/UVC All In One Combo Unit
In Pond1,2003,0001,500269 x 245 x 140*
Without fountain attached
9 Watts2*
No warranty on impeller
1 Blue, 1 RedYes10 metres13, 19 & 25 mm*
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