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Tornado Fixed Base Pond Skimmers

Tornado have 2 offerings of skimmers. The SK-50 fixed base and the Floating SK-30. The SK-50 are weighted at the base (often with rocks) and sit on the base of the pond. They have a floating top which moves up and down with the water lever. A pump is connected to the outlet of the skimmer which draws water, and floating debris such as leaves, in over the top edge of the skimmer. Large debris is then caught in the skimmer basket and the water and smaller debris is pulled through to the pump and usually sent off to an external filter or watercourse from there.

  • Removes leaves, grass and all kinds of floating debris from the top of the pond
  • Easy to remove filter basket for fast emptying
  • Helps to reduce algae and toxicity by removing organic material before it breaks down in the pond
  • Self adjusting to changes in water level
  • Ideal for use with the dual inlet Oase Aquamax Eco Premium range of filter pumps
  • Also great for use with externally mounted pumps such as the Oase Aquamax Eco Dry
  • Surface Skimmer SK-50 suits small ponds up to 30 m2 surface area
  • Floating Skimmer SK-30 suits large ponds up to 50 m2 surface area

Aussie's Observations about  Fixed Base Pond Skimmers

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Any pond with leaves and surface waste. Where water has to be actively cleared of leaves which when they break down add to the problem of how to control algae outbreaks, and discoloured water.

Very good quality from Tornado. Can be set for different pond levels and automatically adjusts to changing heights. Quick and easy to empty skimmer basket cuts down on maintanence if you have a lot of leaves falling into your pond from a big tree.

Must be placed near the edge of the pond so that you can easily access it to empty the filter basket.

Product Price Max Pond Surface Aream2DimensionsLxWxH (mm)Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMin Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMaximum DepthmmMinimum DepthmmHeight AdaptionVoltagePower ConsumptionwattsPower Cord LengthWarranty
Oase Profiskim 100 Skimmer Fixed Base Pond Skimmer
80780D x 585H2000010000550mm350mm200mmN/AN/AN/A5 Years