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Oase Fountain Nozzles K

Oase have a range of fountain nozzles available which can be used in a variety of situations. They can connect to different pumps and the flow rate will determine the performance of the nozzle.

  • Aids with oxygenation
  • Can use multiple nozzles on one pump with extra pipework and connections
  • Can be fixed directly to the top of some pumps or fountain stands elsewhere in the pond
  • Top quality Oase manufacturing
  • Foaming (Schaumsprudler 22.5K) nozzle - 1/2" male connection
  • Bell/Mushroom (Lava 36-10K) nozzle - 1" male connection
  • 37 jet 3 tier display (Vulkan 37-2.5K) nozzle - 1" male connection
  • The bigger the pump, the bigger the display
  • Can attach a bright 120 LED ring light to the base to bring your pond to life at night time (optional)

Aussie's Observations about  Fountain Nozzles K

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Domestic and commercial pond and fountains. Can be applied to a wide variety of applications.

Easy to set up and impressive displays. Helps to oxygenate your pond to reduce algae. 

May need a riser or some pipework to take the nozzle above the water level depending on your pond depth, pump type and the design of your feature. 

Product Price
Oase Schaumsprudler 22.5K Nozzle 1/2" Foaming Fountain Nozzle
Oase Lava 36-10K Nozzle 1" Bell/Mushroom Fountain Nozzle
Oase Vulkan 37-2.5K Nozzle 1" 3 Tier 37 Jet Fountain Nozzle

Nozzle Flow Rate Diameter cm Height cm
Schaumsprudler 22.5K 1500 - 30
Minimum 1500 L/H 2500 - 45
  3500 - 50
Vulkan 37-2.5K 4000 85 100
Minimum 4000 L/H 6000 130 200
  9000 220 370
  12000 250 450
Lava 36-10K 4000 90 -
Adjustable  6000 90 -
  8000 90 -