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Oase Tradux

Cable Gland and Pipe Outlet for Ponds

Oase Tradux is a fitting which can be used to help create a neat, watertight outlet for your pond hose or the cable from your submersible pond pump to exit your pond.

Ugly cables and hoses can ruin a natural or formal looking pond if they come up above the water level and over the edge of the pond to get to your power source or water feature. Using an Oase Tradux allows your cable or hose to pass through the wall of the pond below the water level without any leaks, making a much neater and tidier finish. 

The Tradux set makes an underwater exit for your pump's electrical cable or hose** easy (not both at once, only one or the other). Tradux kit can be used on PVC, EPDM, Xavan, Butyl pond liner, any preformed plastic or fibreglass ponds or any material up to 12mm in thickmess.

The screw couplings allow the Tradux connector to be easily fitted and produce a secure and clean seal. The rubber gasket ensures a watertight seal.

Use with the following hose sizes:
 12.5, 20, 25, 32, 38, or 50mm**.

**Also see Hansen fittings for hose through
 a pond wall, thicknesses up to 400mm

Aussie's Observations about Oase Tradux

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Taking either pond hose or electrical cable through the wall of a pond while creating a waterproof seal.

What we liked:

The best wat to hide your pipe and cablework by exiting the pond below the water level through the side isntead of coming up over the edge of the pond which ca be unsightly. 

Less than ideal:

Nothing at all, easy to use and very effective.