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Oase Vitronic Ultra Violet Clarifiers

The Oase Vitronic range of Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVCs) are well designed and of a very high build quality. Water is pumped (using a separate pump) from your pond, through the UVC and then into a filter or straight back into the pond, sometimes via a waterfall or feature. As the water passes by the internal UV lamp, the green algae is killed and your pond water is clearer when it returns.

  • Uses the same technology as the Oase Filtoclear pressure filters
  • 18w and up models includes inspection window so you can see that the lamp is working
  • Quick release closure technology for easy lamp changing (recommended every 12 months, as with all UVCs)
  • Can be wall mounted or attached to some models of Oase gravity filters (Vitronic 18, 24 or 36w can be mounted on Biosmart 18000 or 36000)
  • Can be used inline with existing pump and filter setup of any brand, assuming the flow rates and pressure are within the operating specifications
  • Clears green water fast
  • Availabile in 4 different sizes, for ponds up to 60,000L

Aussie's Observations about  Vitronic Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Small to large ponds which require water to be clear and free of microscopic suspended algae. Some aquarium setups.

Very, very high build quality from Oase at a very reasonable price. This UVC is a great addition to any system and can be used inline with any brand of existing pump or filter.

Nothing not to like. The next step up is the Oase Bitron which is self cleaning.

Product Price Filter TypeIdeal Flowlitres per hourMin Flowlitres per hourMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourPond Max Vol (No Fish)litresPond Max Vol (With Fish)litresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Back Wash SystemUVC FittedUltra violet lamp fitted as standardWarranty YearsCleaning IndicatorCanister Above GroundIf canister buried, how much shows above ground?Foam FiltersBio BallsFor micro-organism growthPower Cord LengthHose Tails SuppliedHose Tails OptionalMax Pump Pressure
Oase Vitronic 18w Ultra Violet Clarifier Ultra Violet Clarifier
Ultra Violet Clarifier300050035002000010000529x186x13018w2NoNo525/32/38mm6m
Oase Vitronic 55w Ultra Violet Clarifier Ultra Violet Clarifier
Ultra Violet Clarifier8000200085006000030000660x155x13055w2NoNo5m25/32/38mm6m
Oase Vitronic 11w Ultra Violet Clarifier Ultra Violet Clarifier
Ultra Violet Clarifier15005001700100005000330x120x10011w2NoNo3m20/25/32/38mm5m
Oase Vitronic 36w Ultra Violet Clarifier Ultra Violet Clarifier
Ultra Violet Clarifier5500100060004000020000529x186x13036w2NoNo5m25/32/38mm6m
Oase Vitronic 24w Ultra Violet Clarifier Ultra Violet Clarifier
Ultra Violet Clarifier4000100045002500012500529x186x13024w2NoNo5m25/32/38mm6m