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Pondmax Cable Gland and Hose Outlet

Cable & Hose Through Pond Wall Fitting

The Pondmax Cable Gland Outlet is a fitting which can be used to help create a neat, watertight outlet for your pond hose or the cable from your submersible pond pump to exit your pond.

Pondmax cable gland outlets are a threaded tube which passes through your pond wall with nuts and washers that tighten up on either side to make a watertight seal. You can then connect either hoses to both ends or you can run cable through the middle and create a watertight seal with the supplied gland. This is ideal for exiting cable or hose from your pond in a way that allows you to remove the pond to service or replace it.

If you concrete your cable straight into the wall of your pond you will probably void the warranty and make repairs impossible when you have to cut the cable to remove it. Running the cable up over the lip of your pond can also be very ugly. The PondMax Cable Gland Outlet solves this problem for you.

Aussie's Observations about Pondmax Cable Gland and Hose Outlet

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Taking either pond hose or electrical cable through the wall of a pond while creating a waterproof seal.

What we liked:

The best wat to hide your pipe and cablework by exiting the pond below the water level through the side isntead of coming up over the edge of the pond which ca be unsightly. 

Less than ideal:

Nothing at all, easy to use and very effective.


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