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Pondmax Premium Floating Pellet Fish Food

Suitable for Koi and Goldfish

Pondmax Premium Fish Food PondMAX Premium Fish Food Pellets are a superior floating pellet using specifically formulated natural ingredients of Japanese Mushashi origin.

Feeding method - When water temperature is above 10 degrees C or above, feed two to four times daily or as much as your fish can consume in approximately three minutes.
When water temperature is below 10 degrees C, feed only 2 - 3 times per week and only as much as your fish consume with approximately three minutes. 

  • 3mm or 6mm pellet size available
  • 1.1 or 5.5 KG bags
  • Excellent for both Koi and Goldfish
  • Ideal for training fish to eat out of your hands
  • Easily digestible floating food which results in less waste and pollution
Food Analysis for Premium Fish Food 3 & 6 mm
Crude protein - Min 30 % Crude fat - Min 3 %
Crude Fibre  - 5 % Contains Vitamins A, D3, E, B1, B2, B6, B12

Aussie's Observations about Pondmax Premium Floating Pellet Fish Food

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Goldfish, Koi and other pond fish large enough to eat the pellets

What we liked:

Floating pellets which can be removed once your fish have finished eating if you wish. High quality ingredients.

Less than ideal:

Nothing for the price point.

From $27

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