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Seerose German Fountain Nozzles

Hand Made German Designed Fountain Nozzles

Seerose Have a selection of Precission made Nozzles which suit vairous needs. They can be used in many different locations.

  • Adds Oxygen to water
  • More than one nozzle can be used at once
  • ABS and Stainless steel of same items
  • Foaming Nozzle - 25mm male thread. Stainless steel & ABS plastic
    Foaming Jet Nozzles available in either Stainless steel or ABS

Product Price
Seerose Foaming Jet Stainless steel Nozzle 25mm Foaming Jet Nozzle
Seerose Foaming Jet Nozzle ABS 25mm Foaming Nozzle
25mm (1") Foaming Jet Nozzle performance
Height Flow L/H Pressure needed M/H
0.25 m 2,600 0.15
0.50 m 3,700 0.19
1.0 m 4,400 0.32
1.5 m 5,700 0.50
2.0 m 6,200 0.61
2.5 m 7,300 0.61
3.0 m 8,600 0.71
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