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Tornado Biostim Liquid

Biostim Liquid - Reduces waste and Nutrients

Tornado Biostim Liquid water treatments, This liquid helps to reduce waste and Nutrients present in your pond and water features.

Tornado Biostim Liquid helps to reduce Waste and Nutrients. It is a chemical free formulation of 12 strains of beneficial bacteria and trace elements that reduce waste and nutrients to help clarify water, organic waste, nitrogen and phosphorus is removed from the water column by beneficial bacteria resulting in clearer water with less Algae or Aquatic weeds. Biostim liquid is non-toxic and safe for all aquatic organisms and wildlife. It can be used in ponds, dams, water features, lagoons and any water body experiencing problems with excessive nutrient or organic loads.

Suggested Dose Rates

Small water bodies - Fish ponds, stock troughs, water features

20 mills per 1000 litres per month.

Large water bodies - Dams, Lagoons.

1 litre per megalitre (million litres)

Biostim Liquid can be used at higher rates when required but care should be taken to ensure adequate aeration is fish ponds.

How to use:

Firstly dilute 1 litre of pond water to 20 ml of Biostim lquid then pour or spray over the entire surface of water. Thorough mixing and circulating is then required by pump, aerators so the product has contact with the suspended particles in the water.

Aussie's Observations about Tornado Biostim Liquid

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

All pond sizes, and water features.

What we liked:

Highly concentrated solution of beneficial bacteria.

Less than ideal:


From only $32

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