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Tornado Feature Algae Block

Suitable for Ornamental Water Features with NO FISH

Tornado Feature Algae Blocks are a very simple, effective solution for algae in small ponds and water features. Each block treats 800L of pond water and dissolves over time (can also be broken up into 4 pieces which each treat 200L for smaller ponds). Best used preventative or after manually removing most of the algae if it is a heavy infestation. NOT TO BE USED WITH FISH.

  • Not suitable for ponds with fish or plants - ornamental water features only
  • Treats 800L per block or can be broken on to 4 parts which treat 200L each
  • Tornado Fish Pond Algae Block available for ponds with fish - Click Here
  • Blocks dissolve over 1-2 weeks depending on conditions and circulation
  • Do not use in ponds without a pond pump running
  • Repeat if algae re-appears
  • Do not overdose or use another block until previous block has fully dissolved

Aussie's Observations about Tornado Feature Algae Block

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Small water features without fish or plants that have an algae problem.

What we liked:

Very easy to use, 1/4 of a block treats 200l of water and you just drop it into your water feature.

Less than ideal:

Harder to measure and less effective than liquid alternatives. Toxic to fish, ornamental features only.


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