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Tornado pH Test Kit

Liquid pH Test Kit

This simple test from Tornado can give you an accurate pH (within the range of 6.2 - 7.4) within seconds. Very easy to use. Suitable for ponds, aquariums or anything else. We use Tornado Pond Test Kits to keep an eye on the pH in the display ponds and aquariums in our store.

  • Test your pH in seconds.
  • Lasts for a long time since you only need to use 3 drops per test
  • Very easy to use, simply scoop some water from your pond or aquarium until the vial is about 1/4 full, add 3 drops, put the cap on, shake and wait a few seconds then match it to the colour on the packet

Aussie's Observations about Tornado pH Test Kit

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Testing the pH in ponds, aquariums or any bodies of water.

What we liked:

Super fast and easy to use.

Less than ideal:

Not as broad as some other pH tests on the market which can be a good or bad thing depending on your situation.