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Ubbink Air Solar 100 Solar Powered Pond Air Pump

For Aerating Small Ponds

The Ubbink Air Solar 100 Outdoor Pond Air Pump is a great option for aerating a small fish pond or water feature. If there is no power available or it is difficult to run a cable, a solar power pond air pump is your ideal solution. No electricity or running costs.

  • Solar powered - no running costs or cable required
  • Comes with air tube, air stone and garden stake for solar panel
  • Helps to add oxygen to your pond water to reduce algae and keep fish healthy
  • No battery or on/off switch - runs constantly when there is enough sunlight on the panel
  • 3m connection cable
  • 120 L/H air flow
  • IP65 solar panel and IP44 pump for outdoor installation
  • Easy to install, just plug and play. No electrician required
  • Max immersion depth for air stone is 0.5m
  • Great for small ponds or water features, not suitable for large ponds. Works very well in conjunction with a solar pond pump for circulation
  • Good quality brand (Ubbink) with 2 year warranty

Aussie's Observations about Ubbink Air Solar 100 Solar Powered Pond Air Pump

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Small ponds and water features. Helps to reduce aerate the water to reduce algae and keep fish healthy.

What we liked:

Very easy to install, unique product.

Less than ideal:

Not suitable for larger ponds.


Product not available
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Technical Specifications

Product Name Ubbink Air Solar 100 Solar Powered Pond Air Pump
Output (Air flow)Litres per minute2
Output (Air flow)Litres per hour120
DimensionsL x W x H (mm)130 x 70 x 60mm (pump)
Power UsageWatts1
Power SupplyVolts6
Max Air Stones1
Air Stones IncludedYes
Air Hose IncludedMetres2
Power Cord Length3
Rated for 24/7 Continuous UseYes

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