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Ubbink Algclear 35000 36w UV Clarifier

In-line Ultra Violet Clarifier

The Ubbink Algclear 35000 is an Ultra Violet Clarifier which can be installed in line to keep your pond water clear and free of micro algae that turns your water green. It has a powerful 36w UV lamp which kills algae as is passes through.

  • Powerful 36w UV lamp
  • Keeps water clear and stops it from turning green with micro algae
  • Suits ponds up to 35,000L without fish or 17,500 with fish*
  • High quality from trusted brand Ubbink
  • Great value clearance price, currently on sale while stocks last.

Aussie's Observations about Ubbink Algclear 35000 36w UV Clarifier

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Medium to large ponds with or without fish that need to be kept sparkling clean and clear throughout the warmer months and beyond.

What we liked:

Best UVC option for this price.

Less than ideal:

Nothing for the price point


Product not available

Technical Specifications

Product Name Ubbink Algclear 35000 36w UV Clarifier
Filter TypeUVC
Ideal Flowlitres per hour12000
Min Flowlitres per hour9000
Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hour15000
Pond Max Vol (No Fish)litres35000
Pond Max Vol (With Fish)litres17500
UVC FittedUltra violet lamp fitted as standardYes
Warranty Years1
Power Cord Length4.85m
Hose Tails Supplied40mm