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Ubbink Vacupro Pond Vacuum

Domestic Use Pond Vacuum

  • Wet, Dry, Pond, Pool
  • Two different vacuuming nozzles
  • Made in Holland
  • For particles up to 10mm
  • Handle length - 1.8m
  • Two year warranty
  • 2 way on/off switch for power control

Suitable for ponds up to about 3,000 litters or about 3m x 2.5m x .4m deep. As a guide, cleaning should take about 20 minutes to vacuum provided there are not to many obstructions.

When your pond is clear you can see the bottom of the pond. However, this often reveals the thick, unsightly layer of sludge, dead vegetation, fish waste, cut grass and leaves at the bottom of the pond. Not only is this debris unsightly it also produces ammonia and the foul gases which all pond owners fear.

Ubbink's VacuPro makes it possible to remove the sludge from a pond (up to 1.3m in depth) without having to go to the trouble of pumping the water out of the pond, without having to evacuate the pond dwellers and without irritation from the pungent smell of ammonia.

This sludge vacuum cleaner can remove dirt particles up to 10 mm in size, algae, sludge, and dead vegetation from the pond by way of suction. It takes about 1 to 2 minutes to fill depending on the consistency of the sludge and the setting of the hose inlet adjustment. The 20 litre tank features a unique automatic sludge draining system. The sludge is drawn through one of the two suction nozzles into the container. Once the container is full, the vacuum automatically switches off and a special valve at the end of the 1.5 m long discharge hose opens to release the sludge and water taking approximately 60 seconds. When the tank is completely drained the vacuum will automatically be switched on again so that the cleaning cycle can be repeated. On/off switch located on top of the unit.

Switch controls: 0 = Motor off, I = Motor on continuous suitable for dry and damp vacuuming,  II = Motor cycles on and off for pond vacuuming, see page 2 of manual for this chart. Motor will start and stop automatically, depending on usages.

Supplied with: 5m electrical cable, 5m suction hose, 1.5m discharge hose, mesh collection bag for outlet hose. 
Extendable wand handle made up of five, 38cm sections with a total length of 1.8m.

Two Nozzles included
Nozzles for particles 1 -10mm
Shown above right - nozzle with internal brus


Aussie's Observations about Ubbink Vacupro Pond Vacuum

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Suitable for:

Garden ponds, water features, small fountains use.

What we liked:

The quality's good. Our customers have been very happy. Good value for money.

Less than ideal:

Nothing that we have found for the price point.


Product not available

Technical Specifications

Product Name Ubbink Vacupro Pond Vacuum
DimensionsL x W x H (mm)300D x 500H
Power Usagewatts1150w
Discharge Timeseconds60
Power Cable Length5 metres
Suction Hose Length5m
Discharge Hose Length1.5 metres
Warranty2 Years