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Waterblade Spillways

Best option for swimming pools

Waterblade® are Australian manufacturers who create spillway and waterwall boxes which can be installed in walls and create a stunning blade of water to spill back into your swimming pool or water feature.

Waterblade® can make a spillway to suit your needs, available in a wide range of sizes to suit various wall lengths and widths, suitable for existing and new feature walls in and around your swimming pools.
Waterblade® features 'Clear Lip' construction leaving no painting or hiding of unsightly coloured lips in your feature wall. The Clear Lip construction enables you to blend in to any wall regardless of its composition - even if you wish to tile around the Waterblade® on your feature wall, finish your pool of with a new pool waterfall, even better add a light to it for night time.

Click here for installation Instructions - How to install your Waterblade water feature.

For a spectacular feature in your backyard why not combine a few Waterblade® models at different heights and lengths and make a statement, there is nothing more peaceful and relaxing than listening to the sound of running water.

  • Each spillway is made to order - allow approximately 2 weeks for manufacturing and delivery 
  • Australian made and design, depending on demand.
  • Can be connected to your pool pump
  • Suitable for chlorine or saltwater pools
  • All spillways which are installed into bricked type walls must have a lintel to support the weight above the spillways
  • Advice and after sales service provided by us here at Creative Pumps
  • This spillway performs best as a projecting sheet (sheer descent), but does a good job as sheet descent (softly down the wall) when the water flow is reduced to 59% 
  • Available in different lengths (up to 2400mm) and different lip lengths to suit wall thicknesses up to 230mm
  • 40mm inlet on each spillway - one in the centre for models 1200mm in length and below, two evenly spaced in models 1500mm and above
  • PVC fittings are available to glue in to the 40mm inlet(s) on the back or bottom of the spillway
  • Spillway box is 75mm high and 65mm wide on standard models, 95mm high and 65mm wide for models with LED lights
  • Inline Check valve needed to keep spillway full of water.
  • The clear lip can be painted with a suitable (for plastic) water proof paint
  • Ability to order custom widths to suit your exact specifications
  • Any LED Waterblade ordered with 25mm lip, being built into the wall, will not be warranted for repair of LED lighting should a fault occur
  • Available with different colour in-built LED lighting options
  • Able to get extra cable for spillway lighting and a remote
  • Spillway plumbing kits available to help connect up your water fall

Aussie's Observations about Waterblade Spillways

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Suitable for:

Any pool with different lip extension options to suit thick or thin walls

What we liked:

The clear plastic lip allows easy blending with any wall colour. Waterblade is a respected Australian manufacturer, so we know the quality is consistent. Able to order special lip widths, as they are can be custom made to suit.

Less than ideal:

Nothing - these are top of the range Australian made quality proudcts, built to last.

From $508






Ordering Instructions:

Step 1: Select your width from the first drop down box.
Step 2: Select the lip length from the second drop down box (see diagram below for more info on this)
Step 3: Select the lighting option (Red/Green/Blue, White or Blue) that corresponds to your chosen width from the third drop down box, or select 'no lights' if you don't want LED lights.
Step 4: Select back or bottom entry from the fourth box. This determines whether or not you want your pipe inlets on the bottom of the spillway box or the back of the spillway box.
Step 4: Select the quantity of spillways of that size you wish to order and add to the cart.
Step 5: Repeat all steps above to add different sizes or configurations to the cart and complete your checkout.

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