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Zenit DGE Vortex Horizontal Outlet Sump Pumps

The Zenit DGE Vortex Horizontal Outlet Submersible Pump range feature a vortex style impeller capable of passing large solids through the pump. They are suitable for slightly soiled biological wastewater and sewage. The vortex impeller is difficult to block and that makes this pump suitable for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential applications.

  • Robust cast iron pump body and impeller
  • High capacity
  • Vortex impeller suitable for dirtier water, can handle soft solids up to 40mm/50mm
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Comes standard with float switch but can be ordered without upon request
  • Suitable for septic tank pumping
  • Manufactured to a very high quality, Italian design
  • Can also purchase a matched bottom coupling device with vertical outlet for easy maintanence

Aussie's Observations about  DGE Vortex Horizontal Outlet Sump Pumps

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Sewerage, septic, stormwater, rainwater, drainage, commercial, industrial and domestic applications.

High flow rates, very high quality and reliability from Zenit. Can handle large particles up to 50mm.

Nothing whatsoever.

Product Price Max Flow L/Minutelitres per minDimensionsLxWxH mmMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMax Head HeightMetersMax Suction DepthMetersInlet Thread BSPmmOutlet Thread BSPmmVoltagePower Cable LengthWattsHorsepowerFuel TypeApproved for Drinking Water AS/NZ4020Made inWarrantyYearsModel Number
Zenit DGE 100 Vortex Sump Pump Dirty Water Submersible Pump
Not available
Zenit DGE 75 Vortex Sump Pump Dirty Water Submersible Pump
Not available
Zenit DGE 50 Vortex Sump Pump Dirty Water Submersible Pump
Not available
Flow rates at different pumping heights - litres per minute
Model @ 0m @ 4m @ 6m @ 8m @ 10m Head / Shut Off**
1. ZEN-DGE50 320 180 5 - - 6.0 m
2. ZEN-DGE75 400 280 165 0 - 8.1 m
3. ZEN-DGE100 590 450 340 240 130 12.5 m
5. ZEN-DGE200 680 590 490 395 300
@14m 100
15.5 m
**Head / shut off - The higher the water is pumped, the less the flow until the maximum pumping height is reached. It is critical that this is understood, this height is where the water stops flowing.