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Zenit DR Blue Series Sump Pumps

Zenit bring you a premium range of sumbersible pumps suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications as well a for domestic purposes. The DR Blue range is suitable for pumping fairly clean water, althought it does feature a diffuser plate with an anti clogging system so it will handle some small solids with ease. It is also IECEx Zone 2 Internationally Approved which means it can be used in some hazardous situations other pumps are not suited for. These really are a top quality pump.

  • Ergonomic lifting handle with clip to float switch to adjust the water level
  • Dry motor with thermal protection
  • High quality mechanical seals and oil sump leads to a very long service life
  • IECEx Zone 2 certification for some hazardous areas with flammable liquids such as carparks, truck stops, garages etc.
  • Flows up to 330l/m and pumping up to 14m head height
  • Perfect for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and domestic applications
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Full range of spare parts available
  • Comes standard with float switch but can be ordered without one by request

Aussie's Observations about  DR Blue Series Sump Pumps

Budget • Good • Better • Best • Superior

Sumps, water transfer, dewatering, carparks, garages, truck stops, rainwater, drainage

Meets and exceeds International standards for use in industrial applications.

Nothing that we have found for the price point, Italian designs, and quality which is up there, as they are one of the best available.

Product Price Max Flow L/Minutelitres per minDimensionsLxWxH mmMax Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMax Head HeightMetersMax Suction DepthMetersInlet Thread BSPmmOutlet Thread BSPmmVoltagePower Cable LengthWattsHorsepowerFuel TypeApproved for Drinking Water AS/NZ4020Made inWarrantyYearsModel Number
Zenit DR BLUE 40 Sump Pump Clean Water Submersible Pump
Not available
Zenit DR BLUE 75 Sump Pump Clean Water Submersible Pump
Not available
Zenit DR BLUE 50 Sump Pump Clean Water Submersible Pump
Not available
Zenit DR BLUE 100 Sump Pump Clean Water Submersible Pump
Not available