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Blagdon Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVC)

Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVCs) kill suspended green algae keeping your water clear

Ultra Violet Clarifiers are installed in-line outside of your pond, usually between your pond pump and your filter. As the water passes over the UV Lamp inside, the algae is killed and it can then be removed by your filter. Highly effective for controlling green water. Keeps your fish pond or ornamental water feature clear year round.

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UV-Clarifiers are used to kill algae along with most disease organisms.  Water flows through the Clarifier  but does not harm the beneficial bacteria that grow in filters and on rocks, etc. in the pond.  They kill the organisms that are floating in the pond water. (They are not effective on Blanket weed also known as String Algae, the only solution here is to use Interpet Pond Balance)

Pond Ultra violet Clarifiers

Ultraviolet energy is unmatched in its efficiency, simplicity and dependability for purifying water. Ultraviolet energy is radiation produced by low pressure mercury lamps.  The lamps are made of special glass that allows the passage of UV light rays.   This radiation is capable of killing all micro-organisms that it come in contact with. UV rays strike bacteria, algae and protozoa, breaking through the organism's outer membrane.

 The radiation reaches the DNA of the organisms, causing abrupt modification and bringing about their destruction quickly and effectively. A UV clarifier is the only guaranteed method for complete elimination of pond "green water" algae.  Green water algae is forced through the UV sterilizer by the pump at the recommended flow rate.  Inside the UV the green water algae is exposed to UV energy, which efficiently destroys it. 

When properly installed, the dead algae passes with the water out of the UV clarifier into an appropriate filter where much of it is trapped.  Upon installation, the UV completely clears the pond of green water within 3 to 5 days.  With continuous operation the UV maintains constant green water elimination.  Each unit comes with complete installation and operating instructions.

Extra benefit to the fish: We have found, as have our customers that fish are much happier and active in ponds with UV-C clarifiers

How does the UV Clarifier work?

Water is sucked into the pump and flows on to the UV housing and past the UV lamp on it's way to the mechanical and biological filter and then back into the pond. 

Pump intake > inlet of UV Clarifier > through UV Clarifier >  inlet of external filter/mechanical/bio-filter filter >  discharged back into pond.

A good quality bio-filter provides mechanical filtration in that it collects the dead algae that is killed in the UV and biological filtration for the beneficial bacteria to grow.   Beneficial bacteria aids in reducing floating algae in that it consumes the same nutrients that algae does so it starves the algae.  It also breaks down organic matter from decaying leaves, fish waste, sludge and silt build up as it passes through the filter. 

Additionally, the beneficial bacteria breaks down toxic ammonia from fish wastes into harmless nitrates.  Even though you may have a UV Clarifier, it is still a good idea to have beneficial bacteria in the pond if you have fish.  We recommend as part of your pond maintenance, the application of beneficial bacteria.