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Household Pumps

A huge range of pumps for household, commercial, agricultural and industrial use

Floating Fountains & Dam Aerators

Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

Pond Help & Information

Need a hand working out the right gear for your project? Browse our range of help pages or submit a help request directly to our specialists.


Aquarium heaters, aerators, pumps and filters

We stock a range of Hydor aquarium products inlcuding small pumps (also great for small water features and ponds), filters, heaters and aerators.

All Hydor products

Aquarium heaters, aerators, pumps and filters

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New Products

Browse the latest products which have been recently added to our range

Check this page regularly to stay up to date with the newest pond and pump equipment and technology on the market

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Aquarium Heaters and Accessories

Heaters for your Aquarium 15-300w

Hydor Aquarium Heaters are efficient and feature shatter resistant glass. Keep your fish happy and warm!

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Aquarium Pumps, Aerators and Filters

Pumps, Filters and Aerators for Aquariums

Quality Italian made mini pumps, filters, and aerators suitable for aquariums or small water features.

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Aquarium Products

Premium Aquarium Products

At Creative Pumps we have a range of quality aquarium products available from the Italian brand Hydor.

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Feature Pond Pumps

Feature Pumps are Pond Pumps often used to run various types of water features.

We have feature pumps or all sizes which will suit any budget available to run anything from the smallest tabletop fountain through to a large, complex multi-tier feature in a formal landscape or commercial area.

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In-line Pond Pumps (Dry Mount)

In-line pumps can be mounted outside of your pond below the water level.

In-line pond pumps have the option of being mounted outside of your pond. Easier maintenance, less chance of electrical problems in the pond and saves space inside the pond. Perfect for swim ponds. A pipe must come from the side or bottom of your pond into the inline pump which can then push the water up to a water feature or through a filter and back into the pond.

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Pond Pumps

Creative Pumps has a large variety of pond pumps available to suit ANY project big or small.

There are many types of pond pumps for sale out there and each is designed for a specific use. You will find that you can buy pond pumps of different sizes as well as specialty pumps, like those that are solar powered or low voltage. Depending on the size of your pond, the pond pumps for sale at Creative Pumps can cover everything from 150 litres per hour to 30000 litres per hour. With over 15 years of experience selling pond pumps online, Creative Pumps is eager to assist with your pond project.

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