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Tornado Pond Pumps

Creative Pumps has a large variety of pond pumps available to suit ANY project big or small.

There are many types of pond pumps for sale out there and each is designed for a specific use. You will find that you can buy pond pumps of different sizes as well as specialty pumps, like those that are solar powered or low voltage. Depending on the size of your pond, the pond pumps for sale at Creative Pumps can cover everything from 150 litres per hour to 30000 litres per hour. With over 15 years of experience selling pond pumps online, Creative Pumps is eager to assist with your pond project.

Product Price Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hourMax Head HeightmetresDimensionsL x W x H (mm)Power UsagewattsPower SupplyvoltsWarranty
Tornado 10000L/H Multi Pond Pump PF2750 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$275.00 100004.5320 x 170 x 1801352402 Years
Tornado 12000L/H Multi Pond Pump PF3150 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$324.00 120005320 x 170 x 1801752402 Years
Tornado 15000L/H Multi Pond Pump PF3750 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$469.00 150006420 x 190 x 2002902402 Years
Tornado 20000L/H Multi Pond Pump PF4250 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$529.00 200007420 x 190 x 2004502402 Years
Tornado 30000L/H Tornado Multi Pump PF7500 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$650.00 300008420 x 190 x 2006602402 Years
Tornado 3000L/H Multi Pond Pump PF1100 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$199.00 30002.5320 x 170 x 180352402 Years
Tornado 4500L/H Multi Pond Pump PF1375 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$215.00 45003320 x 170 x 180652402 Years
Tornado 6000L/H Multi Pond Pump PF1600 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$234.00 60003.5m320 x 170 x 180952402 Years
Tornado 8000L/H Multi Pond Pump PF2200 Multi Purpose Pond Pump
$239.00 80004320 x 170 x 1801252402 Years
Tornado PE0450 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$54.00 4500.6560x47x6452402 years
Tornado PE0600 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$60.00 6001.172x50x7582402 years
Tornado PE1000 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$77.00 10001.785x56x84162402 Years
Tornado PE1500 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$98.00 13002.593x68x94252402 Years
Tornado PE2000 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$111.00 20003.2452402 years
Tornado PE3000 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$162.00 30003.7130x95x135702402 years
Tornado PE4000 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$191.00 40003.0130x95x135992402 years
Tornado PE5000 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$220.00 50003.72402 years
Tornado PE750 Feature Pump Feature Pump
$73.00 7501.670x52x79122402 years