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A huge range of pumps for household, commercial, agricultural and industrial use

Floating Fountains & Dam Aerators

Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

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Waterwall Troughs

Long Rectangular Pond Troughs ideal for installation below Spillways, Waterwalls and Waterblades

Pre-formed black plastic Waterwall Troughs can be used as standalone ponds or the catch the water from a wall mounted water feature such as a waterwall or spillway. Various sizes available. We were expecting stock Jan 2022, But freight cost have gone thru roof and not viable anymore. Pond liner only option now.

Spillway Troughs - We were awaiting new stocks Jan 22, but because of freight cost going thru roof, we are no longer able to supply, from January 2022.

Length x Width cm Small
100 cm x 50 cm
130 cm x 38 cm
160 cm x 48 cm
Extra Large
230 cm x 58 cm
Outside^ - Length, Width, height cm (including lip) 101 x 50 x 30 131 x 38 x 31 161 x 48 x 31 234 x 59 x 43
Inside - Length, Width, height cm (excluding lip) 94 x 43 x 29 125 x 31 x 30 155 x 41 x 30 222 x 47 x 40
Litres - Capacity 110 105 180 430
Suitable for ....Sheet descent spillways Up to width of 100 cm Up to width of 120 cm Up to width of 150 cm Up to width of 200 cm
60 mm Vertical extended back lip No Yes Yes No
When collected at our shop $199 NA NA No longer made
If shipped to mainland Capital metro areas***(see Tasmania below) NA NA NA N0 longer made
If shipped to places other than mainland capitals, (also covers Tasmania) NA NA NA No longer made

^These sizes are estimates and can vary from Batch to batch, and suppliers.