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Pondone 20 LED single coloured light
Great for in and out of water and great for statues and tree's

Pondone Litec 20 light - single or sets of 3 and 4Pondone Litec set of 3 led lights2 + 1 year Guarantee
  • Suitable for submersible or garden installation. 1.5 watts each light.
  • Complete sets with weatherproof 12 volt transformer and 10m cable for total safety and flexibility.
  • LED lighting is up to 10 times more economical on electricity.
  • White LED's supplied in all sets as standard.
  • 10m of cable to first light 5m of cable between lights for flexible installation
  • Simple plug and socket system makes expanding the light set simple. Additional lights available pre-wired
  • IP Rating 67 IP rating explained
Shown on stand allowing angle changes, can also be used off the stand sitting flat or adapted to the garden stake
These LED lights come in sets of: 1, 3 and sets of 5*, Set of 5 comes with extra cables and junction joiner. Also available as a light only without transformer.

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Aussie's observations

Suitable for: Internal, external of ponds and water features. Great also for fountains,
simply place below the surface.
What we liked: These lights are low maintenance, they use very low amounts of power, they are a good general purpose light..
Other comments Good value for money. They are tried and tested over the past 6 years
Other lights of this type: Aquapro LED lights Small   Aquagarden Aquabrite  Pond one Litec 50

Each light can be extended to a maximum distance from the transformer of 20 metres.

Number of lights Transformer
Light in stand
Diameter x Height mm
cord total
Aust $
Set of 1 1 Yes 100 x 115 5 m** N/A***
Was $64
Set of 3 3 Yes 100 x 115 5 m** N/A***
Was $119
Set of 5 5 Yes 100 x 115 5 m** N/A***
Was $195
Light only 1 NO 100 x 115 5 m N/A



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Total shipping per order Only $10 to any Australian Address - Prices Include GST
Trade customers - Buying for resale - Call 1800 607 388 or click > Trade contact



**Cord length: Total length is 15 m with a push fit join. 1 m from the plug to the transformer, push into the side to join on the light side of the transformer.

***Complete light kit
- Matching transformer, mounting bracket with base and garden stake
Hint: Mount lights close to the surface for maximum illumination of an out of pond feature. Housing constructed of plastic Suitable for emersion in potable water
Pondone set of 5 in garden and ponds