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Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

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LED Lights

Low Wattage, Reliable LED Pond Lights

These days almost all of our Pond Lights are LEDs. They are easy to install, require smaller cable than halogen and last much longer without getting as hot.

Product Price Total WattsVoltsUnder Water UseGarden UseTransformer Included
Pondmax 1 Watt LED Warm White Pond and Garden Light Submersible or Above Ground LED Light
From $57 112YesYesYes, when purchased as a set.
Pondmax 3 Watt LED Warm White Garden & Pond Light Pond and Garden light
From $85 312Yes*
Three point weighted base
Garden stake or three pointed base
Seliger Lights LED Induction Pond and Garden Lighting Pond and Garden LED induction lighting
From $25 1.6 & 1.9*
Two models to choose from
12 Volt AC*
Supply from transformer
Pondmax Photocell Light Sensor - Auto Pond Light Switch Turns your lights on and off automatically at night
Tornado Submersible Ring Lights Small Different Colours Available
$69.00 12YesNoYes