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Floating Aerators

Ponds, Dams, Lakes, Commercial, Agricultural and Domestic Use

At Creative Pumps we have a popular range of well price floating aerators to help reduce algae and keep your large pond or dam from turning green.

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Product Price Max Turnover Per HourSize of Plumeheight x diameterMin Operating DepthMin Pond/Dam/Lake SizeMax Recommended Water Body Size Per UnitSuitable for Commercial or Domestic Use
Acqua & Co Aer-O-Lator Floating Fountain with Northstar Nozzle Large Floating Fountain
$12,190.00 25,500 L/HUp to 7.5m x 11.5m1m25 x 25m4000m2Commercial, Dams
Acqua & Co Force 7.2 Sub Surface Aerator Sub Surface Aerator and Mixer
$3,320.00 30,000 L/HNo Display1m30 x 10m3300m2Commercial, Dams
Acqua & Co Splash 2001 Floating Fountain Dam and Lake Aeration Unit
$3,195.00 192,000 L/H0.5m x 1.0m1m20m x 20mCommercial, Dams
Acqua & Co Splash 2008 Floating Fountain Dam and Lake Aeration Unit
$3,475.00 183,000 L/H1.1m x 5m1m20m x 20mCommercial, Dams
Acqua & Co Sprint 1.5 Floating Fountain Large Pond, Dam and Lake Floating Fountain
$3,475.00 75,000 L/H1.7 x 6.5m1 metre15m x 15mCommercial, Dams