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How to install a dry mount pond pump (outside of the pond)

Some pumps have the ability to be dry-mounted (or in-line). This means that the pump can be installed outside of your pond under the right conditions.

Benefits of dry-mounting:

  • Pump is not submersed and out of the pond so it is easier to access for maintanence without getting wet
  • The ideal set up for a swimming ponds to avoid any risk of electric shock
  • No need to run cable through the wall of your pond
  • Gives you extra space in your pond compared to a submersible pump

How to set up your dry mount/in-line pond pump:

Only some models of pond pumps can be installed outside of your pond. They must have a threaded inlet, which can then be attached to the inlet pipe. Often this threaded inlet is hidden beneath the nose cone of your pump below the small sponge which comes with some models. Simply remove and discard the nose cone and small filter sponge to locate the inlet thread.

A dry mounted pond pump is not capable of drawing water up or over a pond wall. This means that the pump must be installed besides or below your pond, beneath the water level. The inlet pipe which connects your pump to the water in your pond must also stay below the water level without going up and down, which creates a high point that can cause air locks. Often the pump is installed in a box beside the pond.

It is crucial to ensure that the inlet pipe is big enough to carry the water that the pump needs and as straight and as short as possible. Using pipe that is too small, long or has too many bends will put excessive strain on the pump and if you do not have enough water flow the pump will not be able to cool itself and will overheat and wear itself down very quickly. 

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**Please note, as mounting the pump outside of the pond can cause it to operate at a higher temperature, this can increase the wear of your pump slightly compared to a fully submersed installation. An externally installed pump can also make more noise than a submersed pump so please factor this into your decisionmaking process.