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Household Pumps

A huge range of pumps for household, commercial, agricultural and industrial use

Floating Fountains & Dam Aerators

Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

Pond Help & Information

Need a hand working out the right gear for your project? Browse our range of help pages or submit a help request directly to our specialists.

Creative Pumps

Non Brand Specific Products

All Creative Pumps products

Non Brand Specific Products

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Garden Ornaments and Pond Decorations

Plastic and artificial garden ornaments and pond decorations

Bring your garden and water feature to life with these lifelike garden and pond ornaments. Also useful to scare away unwelcome wildlife and stop real birds from eating your fish!

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Handy books and guides to help with your pond or water feature project.

At Creative Pumps we stock a range of books which can be used as a resource for pond or garden water feature ideas or instructions.

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Water Features & Spillways

Spillways, Fountains, Nozzles, Jets, Waterwalls and Waterfalls

Building a water feature? We have the spillway boxes and fountain nozzles you need to create a stunning display.

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Stainless Steel Spillways

Stainless Steel Spillways suitable for Freshwater Ponds and waterwalls

We have a wide variety of Stainless Steel Spillways available to suit any job large or small. Custom sizes available.

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Brass and Stainless Steel Spouts

Ornamental Water Feature Wall Outlets

We have options for both Brass or Stainless Steel wall outlets. Square, Round or Ornamental. Natural or Verdigris finish. Made in Australia.

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Pre-formed Plastic Ponds

Square, Round, Rectangular, Troughs, Half Circle or Naturally Shaped Ponds Available

At Creative Pumps we keep in stock a range of pre-formed plastic ponds ready to be dropped straight into your garden. A variety of shapes and sizes available. Delivery is possible for most ponds.

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Pump Accessories

Wide range of accessories available to compliment your pump setup

At Creative Pumps we keep many commonly used pump accessories in stock for your convenience including Pressure Tanks, Pump Covers, Check and Foot Valves, Pressure Control Units, Mains Backups and Float and Level Switches.

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Replacement Filter Foams & Sponges

Replacement Foams and Sponges for Pond Filters - Pressure and Gravity Filters

Filter sponges and foams can break down over time due to normal wear and tear and eventually need to be replaced. We stock sponges for all of the filters we keep here and generally have replacements for your model filter available off the shelf.

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Foam Block Pre Filters

Pre-filters which connect directly to the inlet of pond pumps

These large foam block pre-filters connect to the inlet of your pond pump and often will replace the tiny pre-filter sponge that comes standard with some pond pumps. These larger filters take much longer to block up and will extend the life if your pump significantly, compared to a small standard pre-filter) if you choose to install one. They are a handy budget option for small ponds however they are much less effective than a pressure, gravity or all-in-one filter.

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Float Switches

Float Level Switches will make your pump work automatically

Our range of float level switches are available with a piggy back plug for 240v plug and play operation or with bare wires to be wired up to a panel or other application. Protect your pump from running dry or set it up to empty or fill a tank or pit automatically.

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Household Pumps

A huge range of pumps for household, commercial, agricultural and industrial use

Sump Pumps, Fire Pumps, Pressure Pumps, Rainwater Harvesting, Automatic Mains Changeover, Boat and Caravan pumps, Flojet Pumps, Diaphragm Pumps, Little Giant Pumps, Condensate Pumps, Farm Pumps, Water Transfer, Fuel and Chemical Pumps, Low Voltage Pumps, Specialty Pumps, Float Switches, Accessories

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Spillways for Ponds

Spillways and Waterwalls for Freshwater Ponds

We have a range of top quality Stainless Steel and Acrylic Spillways available which suit freshwater ponds. Made from Marine 316 Stainless Steel or Acrylic, standard off-the-shelf and custom made sizes available to suit any application.

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Spillways and Waterwalls

Create a beautiful, impressive water feature in your own backyard

We have a market leading range of spillways and water wall boxes suitable for any application large or small. Stainless Steel for ponds or Acrylic/PVC for pools, available with or without LED lights.

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Solar Panels for Pond Pumps

Solar Panels for Pond Pumps

Solar Panels to suit pond pumps. DC Power, different wattage panels available.

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Solar Pond Pumps

Pond Pumps which are powered by and supplied with a Solar Panel.

No electricity costs! Perfect for that backyard pond which is too far away from a power source. Our range of solar powered pond pumps will get you out of trouble while reducing your electricity usage at the same time.

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Pond Liners

EPDM & PVC Pond Liners Cut to your Specification

Don`t waste your water, install a liner and save mother nature. Garden ponds add value to your home and enhance your Feng Shui to your gardens.

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Waterwall Troughs

Long Rectangular Pond Troughs ideal for installation below Spillways, Waterwalls and Waterblades

Pre-formed black plastic Waterwall Troughs can be used as standalone ponds or the catch the water from a wall mounted water feature such as a waterwall or spillway. Various sizes available. We were expecting stock Jan 2022, But freight cost have gone thru roof and not viable anymore. Pond liner only option now.

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Grates and Lids

Galvanised Grates and Lids for Ponds - Holds up to 500kg

Put a galvanised steel great on top of your pond, cover with pebbles or something else to hide the pond at the bottom. Place an urn, statue or other visible feature on top up to 500kg. Nobody can fall into a pond with a galvanised grate on top.

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Pond Liner Accessories and Repair

Pond Liner Accessories and Pond Repair Materials

Do you have a leak in your pond? We have the gear you need to repair it. Join your liner to another piece or fill a hole or leak in any pond. Pond Underlay, EPDM or PVC Pond Liner Joining Tape, Underwater Pond Sealer, Pond Liner Glue, Pond Liner Primer, Pond Liner Off-Cuts for Repairs. Australia Wide Delivery and Advice.

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Pond Liners & Plastic Ponds

PVC and EPDM Pond Liners per mtr, Plastic Ponds of all sizes.

Here at Creative Pumps we keep in stock rolls and rolls of pond liners at all different widths available to cut to the size that you need. We also have plenty of pre-formed plastic ponds in stock of all shapes and sizes, some sizes of grates available, easy to install straight into the garden.

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Water Release Kit

For controlling flow to water features

Water Release Kits are used to divert excess water into your pond before it goes on to a water feature or spillway. Perfect for pumps which don't have flow control.

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PVC - Glue Together Fittings

Various PVC fittings for the connection of spillways

Used to connect and adapt spillways such as Waterblade for ponds or swimming pools. Also used in some pump and filter setups in larger ponds.

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Bottom Drains

Drainage outlets for the bottom of ponds

Bottom Drains in stock suitable for installation in the bottom of ponds for some pump and filter setups.

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Spillway Hose & Connection Kits

Complete kits for plumbing up your spillway or waterwall

At Creative Pumps, we sell kits which match directly with the spillways and waterwalls we sell making it easy to get all of the components you need for your water feature installation.

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Valves and Taps

Barbed and Threaded Valves

We have a range of barbed and threaded valves you can use to control the flow of your pond pump to regulate the water going through your filter or waterfall.

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Threaded Fittings

For connecting pumps and water features

Threaded Elbows, Tees, Nipples, Reducing Nipples, Sockets, Reducing sockets, Hose Barbs, Nut and Tails, Caps, Plugs, Backnuts and Washers, Threaded Tube, Bushes and More.

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Barbed Hose Fittings

For connecting Pond Hose

Barbed fittings are used in conjunction with clamps to connect pond hose to pumps, filters and water features

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Hoses, Tubes and Clamps

Pond Hose and Clamps to go with it

Black Flexible Pond Hose suitable for connecting pumps to waterfalls, spillways and water features.

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Hoses, Valves & Fittings

All of the hoses, tubes and connections you need for your pump, feature and filter

We have everything you will need to connect your pond pump up to your filter or water feature. Hoses, Poly fittings, clamps and more.

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Fountain Nozzles

Fountain nozzles for water features

We have an expansive range of fountain nozzles available, from domestic users wanting to put a fountain on top of their pond pump to commercial jets and display nozzles used in impressive multi-nozzle fountains.

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In-pond Filters

In-pond filters sit inside your pond under the water

Perfect for when you have a formal pond or limited space around your pond to hide your external pressure or gravity filter.

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Pond Filters

Gravity Filters, Pressure Filters, Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVCs), All-in-one Pump/Filter/UVC units

At Creative Pumps we have the expertise and experience to help you size up the perfect filter for your pond to keep the water running as clear as a mountain stream. With the right filter, you will keep your fish healthy and you can say goodbye to unpleasant algae and debris in your pond. We have a huge range of different types of filters and we are very likely to have the perfect filter to suit your needs in stock in our store, available to dispatch immediately. We ship Australia Wide.

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