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Household Pumps

A huge range of pumps for household, commercial, agricultural and industrial use

Floating Fountains & Dam Aerators

Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

Pond Help & Information

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This is a list of all the brands on the website.

Acqua & Co

Lake and Dam Aerators and Fountains

Acqua & Co are an Italian company which make quality, affordable aerators and large fountains for Dams, Lakes, Treatment Plants and Municipal bodies of water.

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Water Treatments and Fish Care

API are a very popular brand of water treatments for ponds and aquariums and have a range of solutions available including the best-selling Algaefix.

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Aqua One

Goldfish Flakes and Air Pump hoses and accessories

Great value aquarium products.

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Acrylic Spillways with removable LED lights

Suitable for Swimming Pools or Ponds, the AquaFlo range of Spillways are great for any spillway application which required a cascading/wall washing effect or a projecting/blade of water. LED lights available.

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Bianco Pumpz

Great Value Household Pressure Pumps and Sump Pumps

Bianco Pumpz are our most popular selling brand of pump for rainwater tanks or domestic water supply.

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Pond Pumps, Filters, UVCs, Air Pumps and more

Blagdon is a UK brand who have been making and developing pond filters, accessories and other equipment for many years. They have an expansive range of gravity filters, ultra violet clarifiers and accessories that will surely be able to keep your pond crystal clear.

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Blagdon (Interpet)

Wide range of pond treatments for your pond or aquarium

Interpet, now known as Blagdon, have been one of the leading pond treatment brands for many years. We have a large range in stock to help cure any issue in your pond.

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Submersible and Pressure Pumps

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Creative Pumps

Non Brand Specific Products

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Quality pumps for household, farm and industrial use

Dab is a German Brand which boasts an impressive range of high quality pressure pumps, sump pumps and more for domestic, agricultural or industrial use.

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Easy Pump

Pond and Submersible Pumps for Household and Garden Use

Easy pump have a range of submersible pond and garden pumps for domestic use.

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UV Pressure Filters and Fish Feeders

Fishmate product high quality pond filters and fish feeders.

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Diaphragm Pumps for Domestic, Commercial Agricultural and Industrial use

We keep a large range of Flojet pumps, spare parts and accessories in store. Suitable for agricultural spraying, water transfer, chemical pumping, boats, caravans and much more.

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Premium Fish Flakes

Fluval make very high quality fish food suitable for aquariums or ponds. Helps to stop cloudy water.

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Threaded fittings and connections

Hansen have a large range of threaded fittings suitable for connecting your pond, water feature and filter.

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All in one - Pump, Filtration, UV clarifier

Heisnner All in one, these units are ideal for small ponds, these have three different features which are ideal when they work together, Pump, filtration, Ultra Violet Clarifier. Suitable for ponds up to 2000 litres.

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Pond Vacuums and Replacement UV Lamps

We have replacement UV lamps to suit Hozelock Easyclear Pond Filters as well as Hozelock Pondvacs.

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Rain Effect Spillways

Hurlcon make a unique rain effect spillway which creates a beautiful rain-like waterfall in your swimming pool or pond.

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Aquarium heaters, aerators, pumps and filters

We stock a range of Hydor aquarium products inlcuding small pumps (also great for small water features and ponds), filters, heaters and aerators.

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Our best selling pressure filters and filter pumps are from Laguna

Laguna are our go-to brand for pressure filters and filter pumps. Their Pressure-Flo filters and Max-Flo filter pumps have proven to be reliable and efficient time and time again and we have a full range of replacement foams, uv lamps and spare parts available to keep your pump and filter running for years into the future, as many of our customers do.

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Little Giant

Industrial, Commercial and Domestic Specialty Pumps

Little Giant have a wide range of pumps suitable for specific applications and are very popular for replacements and repairs in equipment, hvac and other processes.

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Lysofoss Water Treatment

Lysofoss is a unique organic water treatment which helps to eliminate sludge and reduce the bioload and ammonia in your pond. It is great for reducing algae in ponds and dams.

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Mosquito Control Products for bodies of water

NoMoz can easily be added to your pond or any water in your yard to stop mosquitos from being able to breed.

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Premium German Pond Pumps, Filters and Accessories

Oase are considered by many to be the cream of the crop when it comes to quality pond equipment. They have been making pond pumps for over 65 years and are always on the forefront of developing new technology. This development keeps Oase ahead of it's competitors and they are often the most reliable and efficient option when compared to other brands.

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Pumps for household and agricultural use

Onga offers a large range of pressure pumps, water switches, rainwater harvesting, farm pumps, agricultural and more.

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Pond One

Claritec UV Pressure Filters & much more

Pond One are one of the leading pond brands and have a wide variety of products available, the most popular is the Claitec UV Pressure filter. Range of spare parts also in stock.

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Pond Pumps for all occasions

Pondmate are our most popular brand of pond pump. Their great value offerings suit large or small ponds in a variety of applications.

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Pond Vacuums, Garden Lights, Fish Food and More

We stock Pondmax Premium Fish Food, Pond Lights, Pond Vacuums, Cable Outlet Glands and more. Pondmax have a huge range or pond products available.

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Prep Productions

Prep Watercrete is a plastisized cement powder suitable for patching and repairing a multitude of awkward repair problems both above and below water.

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Pond Pumps for Filters and Water Features

Project Easyjet pond pumps are highly versatile and suitable for most pond applications. Spare parts available.

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Pond Pumps and Household Pressure Pumps

Reefe have a popular range of high value pond pumps suitable for most ponds and water features. They also offer a range of domestic pressure pumps for rainwater tanks and household water supply.

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Low Voltage Inline Pumps

Rule make some very useful inline or submersible low voltage pumps for transferring water and various other fluids from one container to another

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Saferain Fountain Nozzles & Lights

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Premium Hand made German Fountains and Lights

Seerose is a premium brand of hand made German designed Fountain Nozzles and Lights.

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Seliger Lights

Seliger Premium German Designed Pond and Garden Lights

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Shurflo Diaphragm Pumps

Shurflo have a range of high quality diaphragm pumps, many featuring viton seals which make them suitable for a wide range of agricultural chemicals.

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Large Pond Ponds for Filtration or Features

Syncra HF pumps, high quality and high performance. Perfect for filtration or waterfalls.

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Low Voltage & 240v Pond Pumps

Teton make extremely reliable pond pumps. Previously known as EDEN, these compact and powerful pumps have been working hard for many years in many ponds around Australia.

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Great value Pond Pumps, Lights, Spillways and Water Treatments

Tornado have a fantastic range of pond pumps as well as stainless steel and acrylic spillways to create the perfect water feature. They also have a terrific range of LED lights and water treatments.

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Made in The Netherlands

Ubbink is a premium, trusted European brand. They have a very large range of pond pumps, filters, liners and accessories.

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Wall Garden

Vertical Wall Garden Planter System

Short on space but love gardening? Want a convenient place to grow your herbs? Why not grow up instead of out? Wall Garden have an innovative planter system which allows you to easily turn any wall into a garden.

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Spillways and Water Features for Swimming Pools

Waterblade are Australian made spillways suitable for use in swimming pools. They are our most popular spillway and are the highest quality. Available with or without in-built LED lights. Made to order.

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White International

Pump Accessories

Pressure Tanks and Pressure Control Units.

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Submersible Sump & Drainage Pumps

Zenit offer a range of Submersible pumps ranging form small domestic to large commercial and industrial applications. Suitable for various sized pits servicing stormwater, sewerage and more.

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