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24 Volt DC Flojet Pumps

24v Flojet Diaphragm Pumps

Boats, Caravans, Sprayers, Chemicals, Fuel, Transfer and more.

Product Price Max Flow L/Hourlitres per hourPSI SettingPump HeadDiaphragmsValves
FloJet 42755-0094 VFLO 24v DC Variable Speed Diaphragm Pump Santoprene/EPDM
$759.00 114040 SantopreneEPDM
FloJet 4300-343 Quad 24v DC Diaphragm Pump Santoprene/EPDM
$319.00 114045SantopreneEPDM
FloJet 4405-343 ‘Quiet’ Quad II 24v DC Diaphragm Pump Santoprene/EPDM
$289.00 75035SantopreneEPDM
FloJet D3231-B5011 Duplex II 24v DC Diaphragm Pump Buna/Buna
$261.00 36060BunaBuna
FloJet R3626-344 Triplex 24v DC Diaphragm Pump Santoprene/EPDM
$211.00 66040SantopreneEPDM
FloJet R8600-334 Versi-Jet 5 Chamber 24v DC Diaphragm Pump Santoprene/Viton
$489.00 136270SantopreneViton