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Aussie’s Observations Explained

Aussie's observations (our rating system) explained

At Creative Pumps, pond equipment is our only business. We love pond hardware, and to our knowledge we are the only Australian company to sell only pond hardware.

With our experience and dedication we have developed the guidance system below which is based on our experience and observations, customer feed back, manufacturers information, warranty, noise level, energy used, magazine articles and any other input we have found etc.

Budget: Normally manufactured to a price point, they are good value for money, however, the durability, noise level and features are only average.  We have found that if they are not asked to do too much work they will give quite good service.  

Good: Fine all round performers in relation to the price point, good value for money. A solid product that should give years of service.

Better: Good sound products with excellent performance and value for money. They are soundly designed and are well  suited for the job they are designed to do.

Best: Superb quality, noise level, durability and performance. Often have a warranty of 2 - 3 years showing that the manufacturer is prepared to back their product with more that the standard 1 - 2 years. 

Superior: The best quality equipment we have found in it's category. The durability, quietness and performance is beyond question.  While they will no doubt be the highest priced of the products we offer they are still wonderful value for money, over time may well be the least expensive for a given job. The chance of needing repair in the first 10 years is very low.  Typically a 3 - 5 year warranty.

The following material is provided as a service to our customers and is for the sole purpose of sharing our knowledge of ponds, fountains and equipment with other water garden enthusiasts. The idea of giving a product a position in our product range is to give an approximate comparison to other products that we sell. It based on many things including our experience and observations, customer feed back, manufacturers information, warranty length, energy used (Watts), magazine articles and any other input we have found etc.

We recommend that you treat this information as a guideline and general information only, and obtain paid professional advice to look at your individual circumstances and evaluate whether the material presented on this website is accurate and applicable to your situation.

You can be assured that In all cases we only choose products for sale that we feel are good value for money.

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