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What is a pressure tank and should I install one on my home rainwater pump?

A pressure tank can be added to any pressure pump system. When connected to a rainwater tank pump system which is also connected to your toilet, laundry or whole house it can save you significant operating costs and extend the life of your pump by many years.

What is a pressure tank?

A pressure tank is a round or cylindrical shaped metal or plastic shell with a bladder inside and an inlet. A pressure tank is installed directly onto the outlet of your pump or on a "tee" piece anywhere on the delivery line of the water supply that runs between your pump and the first outlet, for example your toilet. 

Compressed air is added to the top of the tank above the bladder during installation. Once your pump is turned on, it fills the bladder with water and pushes against the compressed air until the system pressurises up to the pumps cut off pressure. This creates a reserve of pressurised water that can be used automatically without the need for the pump to turn on. Depending on how big your tank is, this could be enough to get a few glasses of water or flush a toilet without your pump turning on.

The main benefit of a pressure tank is that it significantly reduces the amount of instances that your pump has to turn on during regular use. A majority of the wear that your pump experiences happens when it is turning on or off which is why a pressure tank can significantly extend the working life of your pump and reduce the likelihood of breakdowns which can cause you or your family to run out of water.

Another benefit of is the savings in electricity and money. Your pump uses much more power when it turns on and off than if it runs for a longer time once only. This is what a pressure tank achieves by storing pressurised water in the system. 

If you have problems with a noisy pump turning on during the night when someone gets a glass of water or uses the bathroom, a pressure tank it a great solution.

If you need more water than your pressure tank holds this is not a problem. Once you turn on your tap or hose and it uses up the water in the pressure tank, your pump will turn on automatically and it will turn off again once you have finished using it and then the pressure tank it refilled.

At Creative Pumps, we have a range of pressure pumps to suit a variety of residential, commercial or industrial applications.

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