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Household Pumps

A huge range of pumps for household, commercial, agricultural and industrial use

Floating Fountains & Dam Aerators

Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

Pond Help & Information

Need a hand working out the right gear for your project? Browse our range of help pages or submit a help request directly to our specialists.


Threaded fittings and connections

Hansen have a large range of threaded fittings suitable for connecting your pond, water feature and filter.

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Threaded fittings and connections

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Through Wall Fittings

Fittings to take your hose through the wall of your pond up to 400mm without leaking.

We have a range of different fittings to get your pond hose or pipework of any size up to 50mm through the walls of your pond and off to your feature or filter.

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Pump Accessories

Wide range of accessories available to compliment your pump setup

At Creative Pumps we keep many commonly used pump accessories in stock for your convenience including Pressure Tanks, Pump Covers, Check and Foot Valves, Pressure Control Units, Mains Backups and Float and Level Switches.

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Bottom Drains

Drainage outlets for the bottom of ponds

Bottom Drains in stock suitable for installation in the bottom of ponds for some pump and filter setups.

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Check Valves and Foot Valves

Foot Valves and Check Valves

Foot valves are installed at the end of a suction line on a pump to keep it full of water. Check valves are simply one way valves to stop water from flowing backwards.

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Valves and Taps

Barbed and Threaded Valves

We have a range of barbed and threaded valves you can use to control the flow of your pond pump to regulate the water going through your filter or waterfall.

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Threaded Fittings

For connecting pumps and water features

Threaded Elbows, Tees, Nipples, Reducing Nipples, Sockets, Reducing sockets, Hose Barbs, Nut and Tails, Caps, Plugs, Backnuts and Washers, Threaded Tube, Bushes and More.

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Barbed Hose Fittings

For connecting Pond Hose

Barbed fittings are used in conjunction with clamps to connect pond hose to pumps, filters and water features

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Hoses, Valves & Fittings

All of the hoses, tubes and connections you need for your pump, feature and filter

We have everything you will need to connect your pond pump up to your filter or water feature. Hoses, Poly fittings, clamps and more.

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