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Household Pumps

A huge range of pumps for household, commercial, agricultural and industrial use

Floating Fountains & Dam Aerators

Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

Pond Help & Information

Need a hand working out the right gear for your project? Browse our range of help pages or submit a help request directly to our specialists.


Premium German Pond Pumps, Filters and Accessories

Oase are considered by many to be the cream of the crop when it comes to quality pond equipment. They have been making pond pumps for over 65 years and are always on the forefront of developing new technology. This development keeps Oase ahead of it's competitors and they are often the most reliable and efficient option when compared to other brands.

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All Oase products

Premium German Pond Pumps, Filters and Accessories

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Oase UVC Clarifiers

Oase UVC Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Oase Bitron and Oase Vitronic in-line Ultra Violet Clarifiers will keep your water clear and stop it from turning green due to suspended algae. The UV light kills algae as is passes through your UVC.

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New Products

Browse the latest products which have been recently added to our range

Check this page regularly to stay up to date with the newest pond and pump equipment and technology on the market

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Pond Wall Cable Outlets

Fittings to take your cable or pond hose through your pond wall

Create a neat exit for the cable from your submersible pump by passing through the wall of your pond below the water level. These fittings will help you do that with no leaks.

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Pond Products

All pond related products organised into sections

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Replacement Impellers for Pond Pumps

At Creative Pumps we stock replacement impellers for most pumps we keep. Impellers can be damaged by debris and will wear out eventually. Why replace the whole pump when the problem may just be the impeller?

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Floating Fountains & Dam Aerators

Floating Fountains and Aerators for Dams, Lakes and Large Ponds

Dam turning green? Need some aerations? At Creative Pumps we have a variety of solutions available to help aerate your body of water or create an impressive display.

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Swimming Ponds

Pumps and equipment for use in a swimming pond.

For safety reasons, it is important that submersible pumps are not installed in swimming ponds. The best option is to use a dry-mount or in-line pond pump which is installed outside of the pond, below the water level.

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Other Spares

Miscellaneous common spare parts for our pond pumps and filters

At Creative Pumps we keep more in stock than just UV Lamps, Foams and Impellers. We have a full range of spares available to service your pond equipment and anything you can't find on our site we can easily order in for you.

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Replacement Filter Foams & Sponges

Replacement Foams and Sponges for Pond Filters - Pressure and Gravity Filters

Filter sponges and foams can break down over time due to normal wear and tear and eventually need to be replaced. We stock sponges for all of the filters we keep here and generally have replacements for your model filter available off the shelf.

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Replacement UV Lamps

Replacement UV Lamps of all sizes and wattages

Suitable for Fish Pond Pressure Filters, Gravity Filters, UVCs (Ultra Violet Clarifiers), All in One units such as the Filtral or Hozelock Easyclear. In stock now.

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Pond Pumps with Fountain Nozzles

Pond Pumps which come with fountain nozzles and attachments.

Perfect for aeration or to create a beautiful effect in your pond, these pumps come with fountain nozzles and a riser to create an impressive and practical display in you own garden.

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All In One Pump with Filter and UVC

A Pump, Filter and Ultra Violet Clarifier built into 1 easy to install unit that sits inside your pond.

Perfect for ponds 5000L or less, these all in one units are the easiest to install. Simply plug it in and away you go. The filter sponge removes sediment and the UV lamp kills the suspended algae that turns you water green leaving your pond or water feature crystal clear. Not to be confused with "Filter Pumps" which are pumps designed to pump water out to external filters.

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Large Pond Pumps

Pumps for large ponds, filters, waterfalls and water features

At Creative Pumps, we have a huge range of larger pond pumps to suit any budget or job from large backyard watercourses and multi tier fountains to jobs such as shopping malls fountains or resorts. We can assist with specifications or ideas for commercial water features.

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Feature Pond Pumps

Feature Pumps are Pond Pumps often used to run various types of water features.

We have feature pumps or all sizes which will suit any budget available to run anything from the smallest tabletop fountain through to a large, complex multi-tier feature in a formal landscape or commercial area.

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Pond Vacuums & Other Accessories

All other items you could need for your pond

Fish Food, Fish Feeders, Pond Vacs, Air Pumps, Fountain Nozzles, Koi Products, Misters, Pond Nets, Transformers, Swimming Ponds, Spouts, Aquarium Equipment

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Koi Products

Products which are ideal for Koi ponds and fishkeepers

Here at Creative Pumps we have a large range of products that assist with keeping Koi ponds healthy including Pond Air Pumps, Gravity Filters, Large Filter Pumps capable of handling messy Koi waste, Koi Food, Nets, and Water Treatments.

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Pond Water Test Kits

Test your pond water to check your pond health and diagnose any problems

At Creative Pumps we have an array of tests available to suit your pond. From simple pH tests to master liquid test kits and everything in between.

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Pond and Water Treatments

Dirty pond full of algae? We have the solution.

We have pond treatments in stock for: Green Water, String Algae, Blanketweed, Cloudy Water, Water Testing, pH Adjustments, Starter Bacteria, Sludge Remover, Chlorine Neutralisers, Clarifiers, Flocculants, Fish Disease, Mosquito Control

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Solar Pond Pumps (No Panel)

Solar Powered Pond Pumps - To connect to your existing solar panel

We have a large range of solar powered pond pumps to suit small to medium ponds. Perfect for ponds with no nearby electrical connections.

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Solar Pond Pump and Panel Kits

Solar powered pond pumps with panels and cable included

We have a large range of solar powered pond pumps to suit small to medium ponds. Perfect for ponds with no nearby electrical connections.

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Solar Pond Pumps

Pond Pumps which are powered by and supplied with a Solar Panel.

No electricity costs! Perfect for that backyard pond which is too far away from a power source. Our range of solar powered pond pumps will get you out of trouble while reducing your electricity usage at the same time.

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Spare Parts & UV Lamps

Spare Parts and UV Lamps for Pond Equipment

Replacement Impellers, UV Lamps & all other spares for the equipment we sell is generally available either directly from our website or by special order.

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Pond Skimmers

Pond Skimmers remove floating leaves and debris from the top of the pond.

A suitable sized pond pump needs to connect to the skimmer which draws water through the skimmer, pulling floating leaves and debris with it which are then caught in the skimmer basket, easily emptied by hand.

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Pond Vacuums

Remove debris and dead organic material from your pond

We have several options available for pond vacuum cleaners ranging from those suitable for very small domestic ponds to full time commercial users. Remove dirt, algae and any other unwanted debris from you pond with ease.

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In-line Pond Pumps (Dry Mount)

In-line pumps can be mounted outside of your pond below the water level.

In-line pond pumps have the option of being mounted outside of your pond. Easier maintenance, less chance of electrical problems in the pond and saves space inside the pond. Perfect for swim ponds. A pipe must come from the side or bottom of your pond into the inline pump which can then push the water up to a water feature or through a filter and back into the pond.

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Low Voltage Pond Pumps

12v or 24v Pond Pumps which come with a transformer.

Low Voltage Pond Pumps are a great option for safely running cable through your garden and pond with less risk and lower regulatory requirements than 240v cable.

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Bottom Drains

Drainage outlets for the bottom of ponds

Bottom Drains in stock suitable for installation in the bottom of ponds for some pump and filter setups.

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Barbed Hose Fittings

For connecting Pond Hose

Barbed fittings are used in conjunction with clamps to connect pond hose to pumps, filters and water features

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Hoses, Tubes and Clamps

Pond Hose and Clamps to go with it

Black Flexible Pond Hose suitable for connecting pumps to waterfalls, spillways and water features.

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Hoses, Valves & Fittings

All of the hoses, tubes and connections you need for your pump, feature and filter

We have everything you will need to connect your pond pump up to your filter or water feature. Hoses, Poly fittings, clamps and more.

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Pond Air Pumps

Aerate your pond and add oxygen to the water

Pond air pumps are great at adding oxygen to areas of your pond which otherwise would not get enough movement. Suitable for small to large ponds. Accessories and spare parts available. Reduces algae and green water.

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Floating Fountains

Create a Beautiful display in your Dam or Pond

Our range of floating fountains are great for aerating or oxygenating your pond, lake or dam while creating a stunning display at the same time. Lighting available as a option for some models.

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Fountain Nozzles

Fountain nozzles for water features

We have an expansive range of fountain nozzles available, from domestic users wanting to put a fountain on top of their pond pump to commercial jets and display nozzles used in impressive multi-nozzle fountains.

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Filter Pond Pumps

Pumps designed to handle large particles to be connected to external filters

These are the best pond filter pumps that we sell. They are all what we call dirty water filtration pumps. Circulating pond water with ease, 24 hours a day, these pond pumps are low power users. Pond filter pumps can be used with pond pressure filter or pond gravity filter. Your garden pond will come alive with life with an eco-friendly, efficient pump. Constant flowing water will help your ponds health.

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Pond Pumps

Creative Pumps has a large variety of pond pumps available to suit ANY project big or small.

There are many types of pond pumps for sale out there and each is designed for a specific use. You will find that you can buy pond pumps of different sizes as well as specialty pumps, like those that are solar powered or low voltage. Depending on the size of your pond, the pond pumps for sale at Creative Pumps can cover everything from 150 litres per hour to 30000 litres per hour. With over 15 years of experience selling pond pumps online, Creative Pumps is eager to assist with your pond project.

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Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVC)

Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVCs) kill suspended green algae keeping your water clear

Ultra Violet Clarifiers are installed in-line outside of your pond, usually between your pond pump and your filter. As the water passes over the UV Lamp inside, the algae is killed and it can then be removed by your filter. Highly effective for controlling green water. Keeps your fish pond or ornamental water feature clear year round.

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In-pond Filters

In-pond filters sit inside your pond under the water

Perfect for when you have a formal pond or limited space around your pond to hide your external pressure or gravity filter.

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Gravity Pond Filters

Water is pumped from the pond up into the filter, it then drains back into the pond via gravity.

Gravity Filters are large, hold a lot of waste and are the easiest type of filter to clean. They are perfect for heavy fish stocks or messy fish such as Koi. Some models have an in-built UVC to reduce green algae. Must be mounted with the outlet above the pond water level.

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Pressure Pond Filters

Pressurised Filters which sit out of the pond, connected to a filter pump inside the pond.

Pressure Filters are our most popular selling option for pond filters. A filter pump in the pond (sold separately) pumps water out to the pressure filter and a hose then takes the water from the filter up to a waterfall or back into the pond. Most models include a UV lamp which kills suspended algae that turns your water green.

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Pond Filters

Gravity Filters, Pressure Filters, Ultra Violet Clarifiers (UVCs), All-in-one Pump/Filter/UVC units

At Creative Pumps we have the expertise and experience to help you size up the perfect filter for your pond to keep the water running as clear as a mountain stream. With the right filter, you will keep your fish healthy and you can say goodbye to unpleasant algae and debris in your pond. We have a huge range of different types of filters and we are very likely to have the perfect filter to suit your needs in stock in our store, available to dispatch immediately. We ship Australia Wide.

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